May 28, 2013 Photos


June 3, 2013


Good Morning Family!!

Monday- After P-day we went to a members house for dinner, they work with the youth out in Immokalee but live in Naples, so i’ve known them for a long time. We had good food and oh yeah the dad, Elder Thompson is an Area 70! They got out their scrap books of the scouts in Mokee and the first page is me with my baptisms! It was so cool to see!

Tuesday- We switched companions at Red Robin in the pouring rain and it was sad to say bye to Wilson but good to get Olschewski! First night taking over the area and I double-booked dinner appointments.. what is this? I’m not a grennie ūüė¶ Had a good dinner then saw some less active members to finish off the night. The 2 little girls did my hair and put purple extentenions in my hair haha

Wednesday- I had to go to a District Leader Meeting all day and that was fun, good to see some of my good missionary friends that I haven’t seen it a while. Had dinner with another member when we got back and then got finding blessings from our bishop, which were really helpful!

Thursday- We taught some less-actives and one of them was saying the closing prayer and then whipped her kid with a belt during it and then continued with the prayer! so funny! I bought some Haitian cd’s that me and the chef are always jamming out to. So sick! We had dinner with this family and they invited our investigators over too and we had a way spiritual lesson with them, the members gave bomb testimonies and it really helped. The 2 gators are 2 girls who are going to girls camp, so that’ll help their progress as well. We wanted to go to a graduation for our other gator but we didn’t have the miles ūüė¶

Friday- My first time training at District Meeting! It went really well and I love my district. It is a big district and we work with all of the companionship’s so its fun. We saw tons of members after and it was good to see them. We have 2 kids right now who are 8 and their parents are less-active so we have begun teaching them! I love teaching kids!

Saturday- We ate T-Bell and my slushy dropped and went all over the floor, so embarrassing! We went finding and found some really awesome families that we are going to start to teach. Really excited about that! We went to a members house and she is Jamacian with a Haitian Husband. They left raw meat outside and flies and bugs were all over it and then they decided to cook it up and feed us it! Goodness! And It was Hayden’s baptism! I want to hear all about it!

Sunday- Beautiful Sabbath day. I loved it so much. We had tons of Haitians at church and translating was fine. I was busy running around everywhere. I met a guy who is in the Little Valley stake and says he is going to contact mom when he gets back and say hi for me! I also saw a girl from my high school there too.. Now 2nd time i’ve seen someone in the Naples Ward I’ve know. Small world! We had dinner with our ward mission leader.. the one who sales Bentley’s and Maserati’s!

I am grateful for the work that I am engaged in, I am so thankful for the support I have back at home and I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who so willingly gave His life for us. Let us all use the Atonement in our lives and appreciate the life of our Redeemer because He does live! Love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Thomas

March 5, 2013..haircut, basketball, investigators, baptism, gift of tongues, Red Sox,……SUNBURN!

Hello! Sorry for not emailing yesterday, we had a crazy p-day that i’ll talk about a little later..

Tuesday- We had some old gross Spanish soup still all over our back seat and it smelt sooo bad! So all morning we tried getting it out… failed. The cars still kinda smells even today. We finally had a b-day party for me and ate some cake. It was fun! I went on exchanges with Elder Jones the Zone Leader and his area is on campus of a college down here. Oh my goodness I was freaking out, we had to talk to all these kids our age and people that AREN’T HAITIAN!! I was tripping out but it was a lot of fun. We then taught this girl named Stephanie at the church and it was good but she is a Biology major and she didn’t believe anything we were saying! Goodness! We then had Institute class and ate some pizza. The other Elders who share the same area with the Zone Leaders came over and baked another cake for me and we had a little party. It was sweet, the Elders in our Zone are so sick!¬†
Wednesday- We woke up and made some pancakes and I found a Harry Potter wand/writing pen ūüôā so legit! haha We all went to Subway after District meeting and I got Buffalo Chicken… eww bad choice! We taught this less-active lady and she is so nice but she works on Sunday’s so she can’t come to church. We went to dinner with the Spanish Elders at their members house and then we had activities at the church. No one even recognized me with my hair cut! We changed into different clothes and played b-ball with the youth.¬†
Thursday- We had a lot of referrals to contact, so we got some Watermelon sour patch candies and some Mt Dew and drove around visiting all of our potential investigators. It was a lot of fun and way productive! We taught another less-active lady and she is moving and won’t tell us her new address.. Haitians. haha we then had a lesson at this investigators families house where we watched the Restoration and answered their questions. it was really spiritual and we hope to set a date with them tonight!¬†
Friday- We went to Mckyd’s for breakfast, so good! Then we went to help this lady with a grant… I didn’t even know what a grant was haha but we helped her and she is this nice Haitian lady who helps out all these poor people in Haiti. She showed us a video of these people in Haiti and it was so sad! That place is¬†awful¬†and it breaks my heart people have to live like that. We taught Chantania and filled out her baptism papers and she was excited for her baptism! We had dinner at another Spanish members house where they fed us pizza and we watched another church movie. It was awesome! I said the prayer twice in Spanish! haha gift of tongues baby! We found out the two Spanish Elders living with us won’t be moving out soon and we are a little ticked off. They are so messy! Our house looks like a bomb went off and I can’t stand living like that (thanks mom) ūüôā¬†
Saturday- we woke up and helped clean the church and played some basketball. It was transfer call Sat. so we were all excited to see what would happen. Me and Elder Wilson are staying another transfer which is good. And one of the Elders we live with is training so we will have a newb in the house! haha We all went to Olive Garden to celebrate and it was so bomb! I love that place! We then set everything up for the baptism and not a lot of people showed up, it was sad. But Chantania is not the smallest 11 year old and I was kinda stressing out I wouldn’t perform the baptism well. So I had a small prayer that everything would be fine and the Lord in His mercy helped me baptize Chantania and the whole baptism was so beautiful! She loved it and was so happy! Ah it was so perfect! I am thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who answers prayers! We then went home and cleaned/ dis-infected our house and change the whole layout to our house. Our house looks so legit now! We set up surround sound and have this whole “sanctuary” to ourselves ūüôā
Sunday- Wilson gave Chantania the Holy Ghost and we had a great fast and testimony meeting. The other meetings aren’t as good because we seriously have to translate everything and Haitians are crazy! They LOVE the bible, so you say one thing about it and they flip and go off about non-sense. its ridiculous! Our solid investigators keep bailing on us and on church, it stinks!! Pray for them! We watched the CES devotional that Elder Bednar gave. Oh my, it was so awesome. So spiritual and great! I hope you all had a chance to see it, if not, you can watch it online! We are pulling the sickest prank on Elder Rod’s new trainee hahaha I’m pretending to be from France and I can’t speak a lick of English and we are going to go split knocking and he’ll have to do everything. It’ll be epic. He comes down tonight!
Monday- Probably the sickest P-day ever turned into the most painful p-day ever (except when i broke my foot) We went to the Red Sox vs Rays spring training game and it was legit!! We got in for free but we had to do some service first. So for 4 1/2 hours we helped park cars. It was a lot of fun and not that hard. Plus we parked some really nice cars!! Ok we couldn’t actually park them, but we directed them into a parking spot haha still it was a blast. It was freezing in the morning and then it got so hot! We got a hot dog and drink and found a sweet spot to sit and watched the game! We left after the 7th inning but the Red Sox were winning 5-1. Elder Hogge came with us and it was a lot of fun! I love that kid. We went to the mall to look for a new belt for Wilson and i looked in the mirror and i was done…. complete 100% tomato. Oh my goodness, my face got so sun burned it is ridiculous! It hurts so bad. I had to hurry and buy Aloe Vera and drench my face with it. My face is seriously swollen and I can’t even smile because my lips are burned too. I have zero expression and it just stinks. I had the worst nights sleep last night! Please pray for me, I need all the support I can get ūüė¶¬†
I love you all so much!! You all are in my prayers each night. Stay strong and keep pressing forward!
-Elder Dallen Thomas 



January 21, 2013…last week in Mokee!!

Hello Family and Friends!!

First thing is first.. If you plan on sending me anything for my birthday (Feb. 3rd) ūüôā You would need to send it to my current address this week so I can get it before I leave Immokalee. Or just wait and send it next week when I get you my brand new address and i’ll email it to all of you next Monday. Transfer calls are on Saturday and I know I am leaving so I am pretty excited:)
Monday- Little girl got found in some field, so that was good! We bought Nerf guns and played basically all night, I pretty much own everyone in the house, even though my gun is not that good! Haha it was way fun!
Tuesday- Probably one of the hardest days I’ve ever had. We had interviews with the Mission President and we think he was frustrated with other missionaries because the whole Immokalee House Elders got owned and we all thought he hated us.. But he doesn’t haha Then basically just got my heart crushed… In a nut shell, Pierre didn’t get baptized because his mom freaked out on us and hates us way bad now… Oh my it was the worst experience ever and it was so sad. But we will still work with him and maybe he can get baptized in the near future and he’ll still ask me to baptize him!¬†
Wednesday- Not a lot happened, we had District Meeting and Mutual… Some lady in the branch was all like, oh yeah how about the Broncos.. I kinda exploded on her.. I was like I am really¬†passionate about sports and if you don’t want me getting mad, don’t talk to me about sports. goodness! haha but I apologized and told her I hope the 49ers win the Super Bowl. (I don’t want them to win, I hope it ends in a tie… and then they say… oh wait… the Broncos deserve the win.. and Peyton Manning, Von Miller and Champ Bailey rush on the field and kiss the¬†trophy! ūüôā hahaha )¬†
Thursday- We were riding our bikes to an appointment and some car stops me and is like “wanna talk about god, or what?” So I was like yeah, that would be awesome. I called for Elder Hogge and they parked their car and we sat in Pop-eyes for 2 hours talking to three Catholic students. It was a really awesome experience, we didn’t “Bible Bash” or fight, just shared our beliefs and had compared insights. My testimony grew a ton on the Sacrament and how perfect we do it each week and how happy I am to have the Priesthood in my life. I also learned that God only asks simple, humble men to serve in His Kingdom. He doesn’t ask that we study or gain a degree in college before He¬†entrusts¬†us with His authority, he simply gives it to unlearned 12 year old boys because He trusts them. He gives 19 year old men the chance of a life-time to preach His Gospel. We are truly blessed with the truth in our lives! We committed this lady to baptism and she said yes and her friend started praising and worshiping the sky, it was psycho but hilarious!¬†
Friday- We taught Pierre finally and he still wants to come to church, so that is positive! We got chased but 3 sets of dogs and it was dumb! I can’t stand dogs!! goodness, put a leash on those beasts! I played some football with some little Haitian kids and they were terrible, but it is funny because they think they are so sick. haha We taught Marie and had a really good lesson and we hope that she can gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She then fed us so bomb Haitian food! Oh p.s… I really dislike¬†vegetables! Haitians have ruined them for me ūüė¶
Saturday- We found some new investigators and they are so awesome! The girl is 17(Stacy) and her mom and brother are interested too. I learned how to ride my bike with no hands… yeah pretty legit I know! ha! Then we ate some other bomb Haitian food and I love it! You guys would probably hate it, but I have become accustom to it haha!¬†
Sunday- Welp, we got Stacy and her whole family, Pierre and another investigator to church but then it was a disaster! I’ve never felt so¬†embarrassed¬†as a missionary and I’ll leave it at that.. We ate at 2 Spanish Members houses last night and it was really good. Elder Hogge got a Salt Lake City puzzle and we have been working on it and we finished it this morning! It looks so sick. The Nerf wars are way fun and basically I just own everyone! haha Next week I am speaking in the Spanish side and the Creole side, it’ll be way fun!¬†
Had a good week, and I think this next week is my last week in Mokee, wish me luck!! I love you all and pray for you! have a great week everyone!
-Elder Thomas ImageImageImage

January 14, 2013….ugh, Justin Bieber!

10 months today!! Crazy huh?? Plus the shock wave from Denver crushed my little heart down here in Immokalee, Florida as that was a devastating loss.. welp, there is always next year and the year after that (when I get home in 2014) haha. But can I just say that missionary work makes me so much for happier then a football game. The work I am doing brings eternal happiness to not only my life but those I serve. I am truly involved in a marvelous work! How much greater could it get?? The time is cruising by but I am still loving every minute! We will start with the beginning of the week.. but it was so sad this morning at about 2am we got an Amber Alert text that scared me half to death. we drove to the gym and there were 100 plus cop cars around our neighborhood and 2 or 3 news casters and tons of caution tape. A little 2 year old Hispanic girl got kidnapped last night out of her bedroom. pray for them! 

Tuesday- We got a new investigator that is 82 years old and she wants us to call her “Grandma” haha she started crying and told us that she prayed we would come knock on her down that day. awesome huh? we hope she progresses! Then we got 2 more new Investigators, it is a mom and a little girl. But then we got crushed by Chasline, our way solid investigator, she told us that she didn’t like church and she wasn’t coming again.. goodness!! The mission is such an emotional roller coaster! We then had the sickest lesson with Pierre’s whole family! They are all super positive and they said yes to Pierre getting baptized on the 20th!! This Sunday he is getting dunked! We are soooo excited!! Thank you all for your prayers!¬†
Wednesday- I went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I left Immokalee for a day. I served with Elder Weddell and he is a great missionary, loves the work and teaches great! Every lesson was in Spanish but it was still fun! We got fed a ton and I said probably 20 prayers (cuz I was the “new guy”) haha I did miss my Haitians though! Elder Hogge called me and said he soft committed one of our solid investigators to¬†baptism¬†and she said yes! Pretty solid day!
Thursday- We switched back and then taught “Grandma’s” granddaughter because she was sleeping and her name is Marie and she was kinda rude to Elder Hogge! haha we then watched all these little kids basically kill each other in football. They were playing tackle football and just were owning each other. It was crazy!! We had dinner at a members house and I owned at Uno! Goodness give me a game that’s challenging! haha Just kidding but it was way fun!¬†
Friday- I tried to make French Toast for breakfast and it was an epic fail.. haha I need to learn how to cook, Dad, a little help here! ūüôā But then no one was home so we went finding and found this way nice lady and her husband and they gave us Haitian bread and Sunny-D. We blessed their house and hopefully see them this week and get some more new¬†investigators! Saw 2 huge gators at this lake and took some pics then taught a less-active girl and we are hoping to influence her to get back to church and one day go to BYU! That’ll be great for her! Then we taught Marie Baptist and had a really spiritual lesson with her. We are trying to get her baptized on my birthday! so the 3rd of Feb. We need her baptized, but she it way active in her other church, so hopefully she is willing to make some sacrifices!¬†
Saturday- We taught Pierre and he is so stoked for his baptism this next week! We are just finalizing some stuff and he’ll be ready! Ate some nasty food and I about threw up! haha Haitian food is¬†either¬†a hit or a complete miss! Saturday’s are usually really bomb for us but no one was home for some reason this Sat. We had a mission-wide thankful fast, so we had to have a conference call to start that. Then we played some volleyball and soccer at the church for a members birthday party. We then taught some members and came home and I cut Elder Hogge’s hair, I did a decent job! haha But he cut it because an Area 70 was visiting our Branch the next day..
Sunday- We were all flipping out and couldn’t understand why this 70 was coming to Immokalee, we thought it was going to close or we were¬†getting¬†new leadership but nothing happened. He just came and talked, I had to translate into Creole and he was so good at teaching/speaking! His name is Elder Blooth and he was amazing! So church wasn’t too bad this week again! We tried to help the Spanish Elders with a potential baptism for these 3 little kids. We taught them while the Spanish Elders talked with the mom. Kinda sad she said no to them getting baptized. ūüė¶ I love the kids! They are all awesome and they all call me Justin Bieber! haha we had another conference call to end our fast and then we went to our Branch President’s house for dinner. Basically the whole branch was there eating, it was a blast! A total party! We played Scripture Charades and it was fun! Good ending to a great week! I can not believe¬†January¬†is almost over! Time is flying but it is a blast. I have mixed feelings about leaving Mokee but change will be good. I will fond out where I am going next on Jan. 26th! Have a wonderful week and know that the Lord loves each and every one of you! You are all so blessed and have such a wonderful opportunity to be placed in this gospel! So share it! Love you all!
-Elder Dallen Thomas ImageImageImage


December 24, 2012

Merry Chrsitmas!!!!…..Eve!!

Well we will jump right into it starting on Tuesday, Me and Elder Hogge put together our Christmas packages and sent them off, I hope you like the Haiti¬†bracelets¬†and Mokee shirts! We had lunch at a members house and the little girl can’t speak English but she was pounding on the bathroom door and crying and saying in Spanish she is going to pee her pants, it was hilarious! And I received 3 packages! solid day!
Wednesday, goodness I loved Wed. Elder Hogge had a district leader meeting and was gone the whole day so I had to go hang out with Elder Stegall (my trainer) and Elder Elliott (my MTC comp.) up in Ft. Myers. We went to the Edison House which is Thomas Edison’s and Henry Ford’s estate in Ft. Myers, it is where Thomas Edison created the light-bulb. So legit! I took lots of pictures and it was a very educational, I loved it! We taught one of their investigators and I did the first vision in Creole and she started crying, fist time I’ve made a Haitian cry! It was so spiritual!! Then we came back to Immokalee and the Ramirez’s gave us all presents and I got a way sick new tie! I got 2 more packages too:)
Thursday, I woke up really sick and my cold is back ūüė¶ I made a map of Haiti and I am making tallies of where Haitian are from, it’ll be great!! I got 2 more packages and I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Thomas! I love them soooo much!! We tried to teach this lady named Annet but she went off on our church and hates our members, she likes us though and told us to come back Friday.
Friday, Welp, the world didn’t end! Goodness, people are idiots! Seminary was so sick as we just had a party and ate and I received an Immokalee High School t-shirt. Sister Ramirez gave me and a hug and in her broken English said, I love you Elder Thomas. So legit!! We taught this lady named Pa Bliye and she gave us food. She started bawling because while we were there she received a letter from her son that is on a mission and it was so sad! I just taught of my mom and me and Hogge started to get teary-eyed too. We watched the “Restoration” 3 times that day too with investigators. I got another package and a letter from my awesome cousin who just got baptized!! We found out that Lone Peak is ranked #1 in the nation in basketball and was playing in a¬†tournament in Tampa. They lost in the finals though.¬†
Saturday, it was sooo cold!! And I am so sick! It stinks ūüė¶ We taught this lady named Chasline and she is legit, she asks us all these way good questions and we asked her to be baptized but she said she needs to get prepared more. We are excited for her! Then we picked back up this girl I contacted into my first week in the mission, she seems way positive! Best part about the day was getting 2 more packages and getting my voice¬†recorder¬†from my family!!! oh my goodness I loved it so much and seriously cried when I heard their voices and we had a great time recording them back! The Hogge got chased by this huge dog! soo funny!! Played some Volleyball and the sand was so cold, but it was a lot of fun! I seriously have like 20 presents and I am the only one who got presents, I hope I’m not the only one opening stuff on Christmas morning.¬†
Sunday, stressful, stressful, stressful. We got a lot of presents and groceries from the branch though and that was nice! We took presents to these little Haitian boys and sand in Creole then they fed us some way good soup called bouyon. Yep that was all that happened on Sunday! I am stoked to call tomorrow and hopefully Skype, actually if I don;t Skype i’ll be¬†legitimately¬†mad!! haha Have a Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all and pray for all of you!¬†
-Elder Dallen ThomasImageImageImageImage

December 17, 2012

Hello! Goodness the weeks are cruising by and I am so excited for next week to skype my family! But I will tell you about the week!

Monday night to Tuesday Morning I had the worst nights sleep! Seriously it was lightning and thundering ALL night! Oh my I heard the lightning touchdown right outside my window, it was so scary and the thunder shook our house! Me and Elder Olschefski went on exchanges for a couple days and I call him “The Chef” haha he is a Creole missionary and is way funny! He loves Dungeons and¬†Dragons. He is crazy awesome hahaha! Not a lot of people were home on Tuesday so we basically just biked all day, it was not fun!¬†
Wednesday- We had a mission-wide Christmas Conference up in Tampa, it was a blast! Got to see all the missionaries and past friends, it was way sweet! Elder Hogge played the Violin in the program and did an awesome job! The mission President gave us all personalized temple card holders. They are so cool and i’ll use it the rest of my life! We went to Chilies after and it was so fun!¬†
Thursday- Seminary has gone really good this week and the kids love it! I got mail Thursday and i was so happy!! My mommy sent a package and I got mail from my sweet Grandma Jensen! And funny story.. My mom taught that my companion is from Arizona and he is from Alpine.. goodness!! Aunt Lisa made a pillowcase for a cowboy and Elder Hogge isn’t from there! hahaha!! We taught the First Lesson with Pa Bliye and it was so spiritual, we are so happy for her progression! Pray for her! We knocked into a Haitian lady who has cancer and we blessed her house and we are hoping she is positive! So sad, there was a murder-suicide of these two high school students and one of them was a pretty cheerleader and she was friends with a girl in our Branch. Plus that Conn. shooting makes me¬†cringe, I am so sick of people taking others lives by bullets! But I love the Plan of Salvation and those little kids are swallowed up in the loving grace of our Savior. We will all put on¬†immortality¬†one day and it is only because of the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ. We played Volleyball that night and it was kinda lame!
Friday- 9 months!! The Immokalee High School football team played in the state championship and they lost 20-21 because their QB tried to be a hero. Some mexicans let us watch the final seconds of the game! We then had a great night watching Mormon Messages about Christmas at a Part-Members house. We taught a man named Kanol and his two twin sons, such a sick lesson and I hope they continue to meet with us and come to church! 
Saturday- We had transfer calls, and I am staying in Immokalee for 6 more weeks!! So stoked, but I will probably leave at the end of January. We are still working with Jean, Jean and Neverson and we hope they can get baptized soon, their mom just needs to let them! Mari fed us some bomb Haitian food and we read in the Book of Mormon with her. We knocked into another Haitian lady and she just got here from Haiti so hopefully she’ll be pretty positive! The Branch Christmas party was alright! We had to sing Angels We Have Heard On High like on the spot and it was the best performance! Plus I have the sweetest Christmas tie with all these candy canes all over it! My favorite holiday candy!!
Sunday- Me and Elder Hogge fasted yesterday because we need a baptism this transfer and we need to purify ourselves all little more! I translated in Sacrament and I am understanding Creole a lot more! I can’t wait to speak to all of you! Since we were fasting, we ease the pain by not eating by taking Sunday naps! The best thing ever! We ate dinner at a members house and played some fun little games where we poured water on each other.. goodness! I read a lot in the Book of Mormon last night and I loved it so much! It is so powerful and I am so grateful for the Atonement and¬†Resurrection¬†in my life! Let us all cleave to the teachings of the Book of Mormon and apply them to our lives! I pray that you all will have a wonderful week and I know that you are all watched and protected! I love you and Merry Christmas! Next time I write will be x-mas eve!!¬†
-Elder Thomas