Talked to my MOM!! May 13, 2013


I love Mothers day! And I had the best time talking to my family!! I love you all so much and thank you for your support. The mission is so great and it helps when people back at home are praying for you! I miss my baby sisters so much and my dear parents. So glad I was able to see all of you 🙂 Hopefully on X-mas I can see the whole family. Chris and Elise included!

Monday- Just like today, last Monday we went to the Pier and played beach volleyball, so much fun and the sand is so soft! We made sand mermaids and buff dudes haha. I was the little Mermaid 🙂 You can call me Ariel 🙂 We played basketball and it was legit, I love playing with Elder Schenk. We own the court! Then the junkin’ sisters wrote on our car windows with paint.. what are we in high school? goodness! Took so long to scratch off. They are shortening our time out here again.. this time by 2 weeks. So I come home now on March 5th! Crazy!

Tuesday- We did service in the morning and painted some walls and put this sticky stuff on the floors for carpet. It was fun! We had a good lesson with Bernadette and she is solid, then we asked Cemy Desire, the son of the 2 parents if he wants to be baptized with them and he said no 😦 We’ll get him soon enough! We through a surprise Birthday Party for Elder Chamberlain and it was way sweet, he turned 19! Young Gun. Then the bishop came with me and Wilson to a way less-active family and it was really spiritual and they committed to come back to church! So stoked!

Wednesday- We had ZDM for like 5 hours it was ridiculous and our ZL’s looooove to talk :/ Kinda just put everyone in a downer mood for the day. We helped the Naples Elders move into their new house and we taught this recent convert. We got pizza at activities and the sister missionaries gave us these pictures of our favorite temple and scripture, way cool!

Thursday- Wilson’s mom sent him a package of “gator” stuff and she bought me a Florida Gator shirt, so nice!! We got things figured out for Bernadette’s Baptism, we are so happy for her! We drove around and tried to find the hospital and found it after an hour. We gave this lady a blessing for the sister missionaries, it was a good experience. She was grateful we came. Then we went to the garden “of hope and courage” haha the hospital has a garden for people to forget their misery and try to gain some hope. Goodness, only in Florida. We knocked for a little and found some good areas to go back as well as some sweet Haitian stores.

Friday- We did service again for that lady and we painted doors and door frames. We helped the sisters out again with another blessing for one of their investigators mom, it was really great as they were both crying and grateful we came. Glad the sisters can really upon us as worthy Priesthood holders to help out their gators! We went to Olive Garden for Elder Chamberlain’s real Birthday and ate so much food. Best place yum!

Saturday- Happy Birthday June Bug 🙂 We did follow-ups all day and talked to some crazy Haitian guy who believes in this false prophet.. and then I owned him with my testimony and we bounced. We just gotta start relying upon the Lord to put people in our path and start focusing on the people who are ready to hear the Gospel! We were placed that night in front of our house to help some Haitian’s move in across the street and they were amazed we spoke Creole. We helped them a ton and there were 2 families and they want to fed us! So legit!

Sunday- Best Mothers day ever!! I was so happy to talk to my family and see their beautiful faces. I was basically bawling and it felt good:) haha I miss them so much. Made my night to see them and talk to them. Happy Mothers Day Mom!! I love you so much, you mean the world to me:)

I love you all and I am grateful to be out here preaching the Gospel, helping all those I can come unto the fold of the Lamb. Keep praying and growing your testimony in Christ. I love you and miss you all. Have a blessed week!

-Elder Dallen Thomas



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