Good Morning. Man, 1 year down and 1 to go. Crazy?? Sad?? Happy?? All the Above?? I am so happy with how the mission has gone so far and I know it will only continue to get better. Make the last year count, because it really will fly, like everyone says! P.S still haven’t gotten my package.. mom you are awesome 🙂

Tuesday- I don’t know if I can make myself more clear but i sound like a broken record. PERSONAL STUDY is the best!! I love it, i’m trying to grow my testimony on the Atonement and it has become such a wonderful week to study on that topic. I made some blue berry muffins 🙂 haha I sound like a sister missionary.. We got this new investigator named Bernadette and she is awesome, she is positive! Our dropped family named the Louis family texted us and wanted to meet with us right away, so we dropped all our plans and went and taught them. The dad was finally there and we taught such a good lesson! They got anti’ed on temples and stuff and we both bore strong testimonies of the sacredness of our beautiful eternal temples. It was powerful and we picked them back up! The we had another strong lesson with our other investigator family named the Dezire Family. We soft-committed them to April 6th but we haven’t gotten a for sure answer yet. Sick lesson though! Sister Brower should me the text she sent Mom and it was nice! What a great lady! Happy to serve with the Brower’s down here! As we drove home, we pulled of the side of the road and gave Our Heavenly Father thanks for His hand in our work. We are so happy with the people he had placed in our lives and the work that had increased!

Wednesday- After District Meeting we went on a huge Blitz with everyone in our Zone and we got tons of new potentials! We all had a lunch together too after. Apparently the new Pope got “voted” so dumb! He is Latin.. and that might hurt the Spanish Elders work. We followed-up with this man named Excellent in Englsigh, Exelan in Creole… He just sat there all hard-hearted and bashed with us for an hour. He was way intelligent and good at Bible study but she kept saying our Prophet is fake and no one can represent Jesus Christ, it was ridiculous. I had to end up on top of this disaster of a lesson and so I just testified boldly and told him God never changes and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of the only true church on the earth… never going back there! I was so heated! haha We gave Sister and Elder Brower blessings at activities because they are really having a hard time, bless their hearts! The Haitian culture is hitting them hard 😦 Sister Larrabee and Sister Miles are 2 Sister missionaries in our district and they made us all this food and gave us a gift card to a grocery store. They are so nice but there had to be a meaning behind their madness…

Thursday- YEAR MARK! What up! We blessed this Romanian lady’s house and it went well! Then we had to five Sister Miles a blessing.. well, they have this investigator who has a crush on them and then needed us to assist them in their lesson. Goodness! So we taught Kevin, and red-head 34 year old Irish guy from Boston.. Totally Hippy too, he is legit though! haha We had the coolest lesson with him and the spirit was so strong! Wilson committed him to be baptized and he said he needed to figure out some legal issues before he makes the commitment but basically he is getting baptized sooner or later! We went to Olive Garden for my year mark and it was so good! I got G&G Jensen’s package and that was good! We had another lesson with the Dezire’s and watched Mormon Messages. We had to do some sort of sacrifice for my year mark and Elder Wilson’s was recent too so we decided to burn some ties! haha it was sweet and a lot of fun. The neighbor asked if we were going to burn down the apartment complex and we told her that was our next plan… haha seriously though. dumbest question ever! Great day! 1 year baby!!

Friday- Me and Elder Nielsen (a Spanish Elder) did an exchange, so he was my comp for the day. He is a way nice kid, way humble and way sweet! I love him! We gave another Peace and Blessing and then saw some recent converts. We taught this girl named Landy and during it her Grandma came in and interrupted everything! She just barely moved here from Haiti the day before and kept telling me she doesn’t accept religion, she is just a disciple of Christ.. So Elder Nielsen can’t speak Creole, I taught this grandma lady by myself and it was crazy! Words just fell out of my mouth and my testimony grew of the gift of tongues. Wow, I was amazed and she asked me if i taught her more if she could get baptized… are you serious?? A Haitian asking me if they can get baptized… ?? Umm no! This never happens. I was so stoked! We are going back this week to hopefully teach the whole family! Small wonderful miracles!! Elder Nielsen said he was just praying for me the whole time, well if worked! 🙂 Then we had a dinner appointment with a Spanish member and it was so bomb food! Those little girls I taught in Immokalee wrote me and it was so cute! I love them, I hope the Elders there can get them baptized 🙂

Saturday- I had a good language study and I am learning some Creole songs 🙂 it’ll be legit! We helped the sisters out again with the lesson with Kevin and again it was spiritual and powerful. He is really struggling but is so open to the gospel.  Kevin is a good guy, I like him. The sisters are handing him over to us, so that we will just teach him. We had to get it approved because obviously he isn’t Haitian but we got approved and we are stoked to teach this guy! We are going to dunk a white guy!! haha so sick!

Sunday- Happy St. Patty’s Day!! Ya’ll get pinched?? Haha good thing I have the sickest green tie! i didn’t get pinched! Church went well, I tried to translate for this white lady but she never took breaks and I never got a chance to speak, lame! We had a dinner well lunch appointment with a member HAITIAN member.. finally!! haha her little girls are so cute and we had a blast, she was trying to teach us how to make Haitian food and Elder Wilson burned himself… haha. The mom named Guetti bounced and said “M’ap Vini” which means i’m coming back.. And left us there with her two daughters.. haha we just sat outside and they rode their scooters around and it was fun! Then we had another dinner appointment ANOTHER HAITIAN! would you look at that, our members finally coming through for us! She made this chicken called Pepsi Chicken.. wow is was so good!! Then they made me eat this tuna-cucumber thing and I ate it all in one bite and had the hardest time keeping it down… haha they all just laughed at me but at least I ate it! I played with their little daughter named Ackeelah. Oh my goodness, why are Haitian kids so cute?? I wanna bring one home with my! Plus when they actually speak Creole it makes them 20 times cuter! So we found out that Elder Neal A. Anderson is coming to our mission next Monday!!!! An Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to talk to us and we are all so stoked!! It is mission-wide so i’ll get to see all my mission friends again! I am so stoked!! Great Sabbath day!

Well I love you all so much! It is my trainers b-day today, Elder Stegall and we are going to another Spring Training Baseball game 🙂 It is the Marlins vs the Twins. It’ll be sick and I have to get off now 🙂 wish me luck that I can stay sun-free!! haha I love you and pray for you! You all are so blessed to be members of the Lords Church. Serve Him always!

-Elder Dallen Thomas


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