May 6, 2013


Hello Family and Friends! What’s good!

Tuesday- We went knocking with the Spanish Elders and I got the greenie Booth, it was a lot of fun and some good laughs, some lady asked who was at the door in Spanish and Booth went off doing his normal door approach and no one responded.. I told him next time to just say “the missionaries” and they might open the door. haha We finally saw our up coming baptism Bernadette and she was sooo happy to see us, she hugged us and gave us a kiss on the cheek, such a nice lady! Funny story, we are sitting in our “sanctuary” and Wilson leans back in his chair and hits our window and just shatters it! so funny!!

Wednesday- I woke up so sick, I didn’t know what had happened, good thing it rained alllll day and our work was slow. We had DM and that was fine, we had a dinner with some members who fed us a little “Utah” as we like to call it… or Hawaiian Haystacks! We went to activities and played tag in the parking lot with the youth, it was a lot of fun. I got better towards the end of the night which was good! Then… We sat in our house and watched three kids get arrested outside our house for weed and a stolen car!! So funny! We went outside to get some better action and talked with the neighbor who knows the kid, it was just hilarious! Good times in Naples.

Thursday- We taught Bernadette again and she is solid to be baptized for May 18th! So pray for her that it will all go as planned! We then had dinner with all the missionaries at our Bishops house and that was a lot of fun, we talked about Harry Potter and they called me a nerd (Brynn we are in the same boat) and then the bishop’s wife made me Butterbeer!! haha so funny. Then we taught the Desire family on prayer and then Wilson had to go do an interview for baptism with the other Elders. We gave the sisters blessings because they are going through some tough times and it was way spiritual! They are a great asset to the work down here!

Friday- We went to a members house who knows Jacky and apparently he played us the whole time we were teaching him.. He doesn’t believe in religion and doesn’t even like the Mormon faith, so lame. He thinks we worship Nephi.. yeah Nephi is a boss but Nephi? No way.. so lame! I got a package from my mom and that made my whole day! I love you mom! Can’t wait to see you in a couple days!

Saturday- We went to 2 baptisms and they were great! The Bishop’s son got baptized and invited me and Elder Schenk to bare our testimonies, it was powerful and great as he had tons of non-member family members there. We had some bomb food after the baptism also. We saw some members and taught them and then drove down to a less-active members house and taught them a lesson and ate some good Haitian food. basically just ate all day and saw members, it was a good day.

Sunday- I had to translate testimonies in Creole and then a Haitian-mommy wanted to bear hers so I got up in front of everyone and translated to English.. so sketch. Then a water pipe broke and the water in the whole building shut off so they canceled church for the day. Good thing we had our solid investigators at church! We tried to find some more members and teach them, got lost because Elder Wilson looked at the address wrong and took us the wrong way! haha We finally found her and she was about to feed us Pig’s Feet so we bounced! Eww!  We went to an open house for a kid who lives here and is going to serve his mission in Provo. We had some awesome news that night. The Desire Family is waiting to see if they can get re-baptized and the results came back and we can baptize them! We shared the great news with them and they were sooo happy! They choose the date to be May 16th! We are so excited for them! Hopefully the son will choose to be baptized with them!

Baptism is the way to Our Father in Heaven, it is the first saving ordinance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so happy my baby sister June will be making this step in her life. It is a huge commitment and a beautiful promise. I want you to know that baptism is how we follow Our Savior. If you want to know how to best Follow Jesus Christ.. Go to church and renew your covenants with Heavenly Father and have a new hope of following His Son. Repent and come unto Him as the Bible states. It is true, He will forgive us, I know of this myself in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Dallen Thomas



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