May 28, 2013



Good Morning Family! Sorry for the no-email yesterday, all the libraries were closed due to the holiday… Umm yeah what the heck, I’ve been graduated for 2 years? I’m old.. blah!

Tuesday- I cleaned basically all morning because we had house inspections and our house was gross! We had a lot of busy work to do as we got our car fixed and some other chores. We taught Cemy, Jody and Jonathan and just poured our hearts out to those kids. It is sad because they are so close but so far away! Jodi and Jonathan are moving to Texas soon and that’ll be a bummer. We had a family home evening with these little kids and they loved it. Their parents are super less-active and we want to show them we still love their kids!

Wednesday- We had DM and President Summerhays decided to show up and it went well. He talked to me and Wilson about who we thought would be good to get switched to Creole Elders. Some English missionaries get the luxury of switching for a transfer or two.. lame sauce. Had my dumb dentist appointment… let’s just say my tooth is better now, but Elder Thomas was mad! I missed a bomb dinner that night because my mouth was still swollen 😦 We went to activities that night and me and Elder Langi sang hymns while a sister played the piano.

Thursday- I was on exchanges with Elder Cundick, way nice kid, he has as-burgers syndrome but is a boss missionary. We did service that morning and laid down tile in the house, lots of fun, there was a girl there and we all took turns teaching her about the church! We then went knocking and ran into a man named Scott… He went off on us telling us our church wasn’t true and said we worship a different Jesus and that we want to become like Satan and just bashing us hard core. He also made some rude comment to Elder Cundick and I wasn’t having it, I just bore him my testimony and basically told him God loves us so much, he gave us bodies and allowed us a chance to become like him. All worship goes to Him and His son in whom we praise. He just shut up and said another rude comment then shut his door. I was so angry, I about punched the wall. We walked a little ways off into a forest area and prayed for us to have the spirit again.. I was relieved and we continued. Then we knocked into this way sweet Haitian family who allowed us to come in and leave the Saviors peace and blessing! So awesome!!

Friday- We did some finding and hit up some Haitian stores, talked to a couple people but not to successful, I love finding! Talking to Haitians is the best thing ever! We had a dinner that night with a member and it was good. We predicted transfers all day and my guess was different then everyone else.. we’ll see what happens!..

Saturday- Welp, Elder Thomas was right.. I am staying the Naples and getting Elder Olschewski, or “the Chef” the one who loves Dungeons and Dragons! I am so excited because this is his last transfer before going home and I get to be the one to “kill him off”!! I am going to work him to the bone! I was also made the new District Leader which should be fun! We helped a family move all morning and what was good to do some service. Our Bishop took us out to lunch to his dad’s restaurant, good Cuban food! I’m going to miss Elder Wilson, he was a great companion and I know that we will be friends back at home!

Sunday- It was Bernadette’s Birthday and she was so happy to be at church. We translated all day and then Wilson took pictures with people because it was his last Sunday. The sisters made me a shirt I have been meaning to make for a while now, just haven’t had the time. It says on the front.. “I’m in search for..” on the back.. “My Haitian Princess” 🙂 hahaha you know it is clever! Sad though because the sister who made the shirt is the same one who’s grandpa is in our old ward and she has to go home for surgery on her ankle 😦 She is pretty bummed about it. We will miss her, she was a great missionary! We had dinner at a members house and their little kids are so funny! The little girls remind me of my little baby sisters and I miss them so much!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed the Sabbath a couple days ago. I love you all so much and know that you are all protected! The Lord loves you all so much and wants to bless you! Have a great week and June I wish you the best of luck with your baptism. It will be beautiful and so special. Always remember that Danny loves you 🙂

-Elder Dallen Thomas


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