May 20, 2013

Sak ap fek fanmi’m!!

don’t google translate that by the way.. it’ll say something about bags.. haha it just means what’s up family! But This week has been epic and so awesome! We concluded the week with 3 baptisms and we are so blessed and grateful for the opportunity we had to bless these peoples lives!

Monday- We had a good p-day, we went on exchanges with this Elder named Elder Langi, he is a boss! He plays football for Utah. Cool Kid. We had dinner with a Spanish member and then picked up this dope couch from another member, he just gave it to us! haha We had fun on our exchange, good memories!

Tuesday- 1 Year in Florida! We sat in Zone Conference all day and it was good, that was are last one with President. We taught Bernadette a little more and figured out the program. We helped the Desire’s with their baptism as well and we were just pumped for the week!

Wednesday- We just made programs all day and then went knocking, we went to activities and and gave Elder Brower (the senior couple) a blessing because he is getting surgery on his eye. It was really spiritual and he appreciated it.

Thursday- We made brownies for the baptism and set up everything and some other Elder gave Bernadette her baptismal interview and she passed with flying colors! We got some BK ice cream before the baptism and found this way awesome Haitian lady we need to follow-up with this week. The baptism was so beautiful. It was Myrlande and Gerard Desire! They were so happy to be re-baptized into the church and we confirmed there too. I gave sister Desire the Holy Ghost in Creole and it was so awesome, best thing ever! The man that baptized them is from Immokalee and his daughter came too and told me how everyone in Mokee misses me and wants me to come back! So funny!

Friday- We did service in the morning and painted this porch fence. It was fun and we talked with some Haitian workers and they loved that we spoke Creole! We printed some pictures off, so i’ll send some to ya’ll soon 🙂

Saturday- best day ever!! First off it was “Haitian Flag Day” which is basically 4th of July for Haitians:)  Bernadette’s baptism was off the chain! I gave the talk on baptism in Creole and then Wilson baptized her. When she got done changing and back in the room she waved her hands in the air was all, “I’m soooo happy!!” it was hilarious! Everyone loved it! She bore her testimony and I translated it but I just started to cry.. She said she split from her husband in Feb. and that she had been praying for someone to be placed in her path for more faith and guidance. Two weeks later we showed up on her door step and then a month in half later she was baptized! Best story of my mission so far! Ah, I love Bernadette!! We then went to a Haitian Flag party in Ft. Myers with all the Haitian-aries and it was lots of fun with tons of good food. We then went to a graduation for an investigator in Ft. Myers and that was fun as well, crazy I’ve been graduated for 2 years.. what the junk?? Time Flies!

Sunday- Church was a little stressful because I had to translate all 3 hours. I was able to give Bernadette the Holy Ghost in Sacrament in Creole again. Such a great experience, I loved it! And so did she!! she started to walk on the stand to give another testimony.. haha! Then while I was translating in Priesthood, the Haitian man just knocked out, snoring and I was just laughing! We had dinner with an English member family who all their little girls remind me of Hayden 😦 we got fed steaks and they were delicious. We drove home in the pouring rain and it was scary but we made it safe:) had a good rest of the night with all the Elders and that concludes the week!

I love my Savior! I am grateful for the chance to serve Him and brings souls unto Him. We have been blessed for our efforts! It is now grind time, to go out and find more people to come unto Him! Wish us luck and pray for our success! Love you all so much 🙂

-Elder Thomas


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