March 26, 2013

Sorry I didn’t email yesterday we had the conference with Elder Andersen from the Quorum of the 12. Best conference ever. It was so amazing! He has an awesome sense of humor and then has a powerful testimony of the Savior. I got to see tons of my missionary friends and that was good. We don’t have much time today which is a bummer but I am looking forward to Easter and General Conference. Hope and pray everyone is doing good and staying safe! I love you all! I forgot journal so I am going to have to do this all by memory. Nothing much happened this week.

Monday we went to the Twins vs Marlins baseball game and it was legit except for it got rained out and we got soaked! haha It was a lot of fun being there for Elder Stegall’s b-day. We then had Olive Garden afterwards and it was good! Tuesday-Thursday was just missionary work, probably some sweet stories, but i can’t remember haha i’ll update ya’ll later 🙂 On Friday we had interviews with our Mission President and they went well. I voiced my opinion on a new rule that has been really bothering me and it didn’t change his mind 😦 So I live 29 miles away from Immokalee and I can’t go back for baptisms which really hurts me because I love those people, I served them for 9 months. Such a bummer because there has already been 1 baptism who the little girl wanted me to baptize her and I had to tell her no and then now Pierre (the little boy who I promised I’d baptize him and we had such a strong connection with) is getting baptized and I can’t go back.. Not even just to support him. I understand this is the Saviors baptism and all Priesthood is the same, but just be there as a support team and let him know I care… I called to say congratulations and support him and the Elders there are ignoring my phone calls. It has been really frustrating to be taken completely out of these investigators lives and I’m so close to them it hurts. The Lord is trying my faith! On top of that… Our Haitian Branch closed..

This time last year they closed the Haitian Branch in Ft. Myers and there was only one left standing, the one in Naples. On Sunday, they closed it and actually divided the boundaries and now me and Elder Wilson have to cover 2 English Wards with our Haitian members in them. It is no big deal, except on Sundays we have to go to 7 hours of church and translate every meeting. My Creole is going to get so good!! haha The members took the change good and hopefully none are rebellious and leave the church. We have a ton of work to do and we are excited! We also have speculation that the Haitian missionaries in the Florida Tampa Mission are getting dissolved. Meaning no more 😦 They are now having to call English Elders to speak Creole because no calls are getting sent Haitian Creole anymore.. So we will see what happens! We sand in a fireside after church in Creole and it was good! Then we drove to Tampa so we could spend the night before the conference at the mission home. Crazy busy week and this next one will be great as well! I love you all so much and appreciate all that you do for me. I got the Hansen’s package and they are soooo nice! Sickest new ties, I get so many compliments on them!! I am still waiting for my one from V-day, year mark, st. patty’s and Easter… haha just kidding, I bet mom is busy packing or work or something! So stay busy and I love you!
-Elder Dallen Thomas


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