June 3, 2013


Good Morning Family!!

Monday- After P-day we went to a members house for dinner, they work with the youth out in Immokalee but live in Naples, so i’ve known them for a long time. We had good food and oh yeah the dad, Elder Thompson is an Area 70! They got out their scrap books of the scouts in Mokee and the first page is me with my baptisms! It was so cool to see!

Tuesday- We switched companions at Red Robin in the pouring rain and it was sad to say bye to Wilson but good to get Olschewski! First night taking over the area and I double-booked dinner appointments.. what is this? I’m not a grennie 😦 Had a good dinner then saw some less active members to finish off the night. The 2 little girls did my hair and put purple extentenions in my hair haha

Wednesday- I had to go to a District Leader Meeting all day and that was fun, good to see some of my good missionary friends that I haven’t seen it a while. Had dinner with another member when we got back and then got finding blessings from our bishop, which were really helpful!

Thursday- We taught some less-actives and one of them was saying the closing prayer and then whipped her kid with a belt during it and then continued with the prayer! so funny! I bought some Haitian cd’s that me and the chef are always jamming out to. So sick! We had dinner with this family and they invited our investigators over too and we had a way spiritual lesson with them, the members gave bomb testimonies and it really helped. The 2 gators are 2 girls who are going to girls camp, so that’ll help their progress as well. We wanted to go to a graduation for our other gator but we didn’t have the miles 😦

Friday- My first time training at District Meeting! It went really well and I love my district. It is a big district and we work with all of the companionship’s so its fun. We saw tons of members after and it was good to see them. We have 2 kids right now who are 8 and their parents are less-active so we have begun teaching them! I love teaching kids!

Saturday- We ate T-Bell and my slushy dropped and went all over the floor, so embarrassing! We went finding and found some really awesome families that we are going to start to teach. Really excited about that! We went to a members house and she is Jamacian with a Haitian Husband. They left raw meat outside and flies and bugs were all over it and then they decided to cook it up and feed us it! Goodness! And It was Hayden’s baptism! I want to hear all about it!

Sunday- Beautiful Sabbath day. I loved it so much. We had tons of Haitians at church and translating was fine. I was busy running around everywhere. I met a guy who is in the Little Valley stake and says he is going to contact mom when he gets back and say hi for me! I also saw a girl from my high school there too.. Now 2nd time i’ve seen someone in the Naples Ward I’ve know. Small world! We had dinner with our ward mission leader.. the one who sales Bentley’s and Maserati’s!

I am grateful for the work that I am engaged in, I am so thankful for the support I have back at home and I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who so willingly gave His life for us. Let us all use the Atonement in our lives and appreciate the life of our Redeemer because He does live! Love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Thomas


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