back in the boot…..April 15, 2013

Well, It happened again… 😦 Not as bad as the first time but yes I am back in the boot and just got off the crutches. I get the boot off in a week which will be nice but other then that i’m fine! I received a blessing from my companion and seriously I was healed the next morning. I could move my toes and the lump had gone down and I could walk on my foot again. So I healed great through the power of the Atonement of Christ 🙂 Things have been great down here! Our week was good!

Monday- P-day was just going great until my foot went “pop” again when I landed on another foot. Same injury, different foot. So lame! I did have a lot of down time that night though and managed to solve a rubix cube. yeah, I’m a nerd for sure!

Tuesday- We went to my appointment and I walked up to the counter and told the lady I had an appointment at 2, she was all like “No you don’t”… I kinda just chuckled because this lady is telling me I don’t have an appointment when clearly I made one. When just then I looked around and everyone was staring at me and there was only girls in the lobby.. the lady again said, “trust me dear, you don’t have an appointment here, this is the OBGYN department. hahahaha I looked like such an idiot. They showed me the correct counter to log in at.. Goodness! My comp was just laughing at me. I had a good appointment and found out that it isn’t broken but I injured the bone behind the last one I injured so they couldn’t clearly tell what was wrong with it. He said, “crutches for a week and the boot for 2.” So we bounced to Immokalee to grab my old boot and crutches. It was weird going back there. I miss that place but it’s like I don’t fit in anymore, it was a weird feeling. I said hi to some members and Pierre the little boy that got baptized, I miss that kid! While we were teaching a lesson that night back in Naples, President called me…. I was freaking out!! he said that the boot was good but it prevents people who want to run to walk. And said he had be in contact with SLC.. I was so scared he was going to send me home, my stomach did a summer salt. He told me to call him back when he could talk to both me and Elder Wilson. When we called him later that night, he told us we were staying together in Naples “a long time”!!!! So me and Wilson are way stoked we are staying together and reaping all that we have sowed.

Wednesday- We taught our sick investigator Jacquiy or Jacky he likes to be called. he made us “Pate” which is just a bomb Haitian dish. He basically taught us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Sacrament, he is so solid I love him!! Pray his date goes through on April 27th! We went to our other date set investigator named Bernadette. It was pouring rain and she let us in:) beautiful lesson and her J-Dub son listened and we want to help him come to church as well. Pray that her date will stay firm for the 4th of May!

Thursday- I should have never told mom about my tooth.. I’m fine!! But now sister summerhays is making me go to the dentist. so lame!! Our day was busy but a lot of people weren’t home. We watched The Prophet of the Restoration with an investigator family and it was so awesome! The mom thanked us for the blessing we gave her a couple weeks back and said it healed her. I love hearing the testimonies of people who can see the Lords power work through us, ordinary men. It is special! Me and Elder Wilson just joke around all the time with Sister Brower the senior missionary down here. It is hilarious and she threatens me she is going to tell my mom about my being a prankster.. haha yeah right, Mom already knows I prank people all the time and I’m a jokester. It won’t come as a surprise to her! right mom?? 🙂 I put my foot in an ice bath and it was the coldest thing ever, oh my! But it helped a lot!

Friday- No joke, Friday was just one of those days.. Everyone and I mean everyone canceled on us! Even some of our members who always have us over canceled. It was crazy! And we can’t go knocking because I have crutches and so our day was a little bit of a waste 😦 The Browers and the sister missionaries came over to give one of them a blessing. She was nervous about going home too because she broke her ankle a couple weeks back. We then taught a Recent Convert and played a little Book of Mormon trivia with her, it was a lot of fun! We came home and played Risk after we nightly planned and I killed off the two Spanish Elders and then Wilson swept through me.. I was upset! haha I never win that dumb game!

Saturday- “Transfer Call Saturday” Tons of crazy things happened, we knew we were staying so it was fun seeing what happened around us. They “white-washed” our Spanish Elders and gave it to sister missionaries… blah! And our old AP is serving in Immokalee as a Haitian Elder.. What the junk?? Everyone who has ever served in Mokee was livid! This kid does not deserve to go there! Especially because he can’t even speak the language. We were all pretty upset but it’s whatever. he’ll do a good job. We went to Taco Bell and the manager is a member and he payed for my food, it was crazy! I was so thankful for that! Such a nice guy! We taught our Recent Convert, Chantania. and that went well. She is such a smart girl, we found out she has only been speaking English for 9 months! She is awesome. We went to a baptism for the Spanish Elders and it didn’t start tell 8:45. so we left right after they did the ordinance. We made food when we got home and I was putting my food in the oven and burnt my finger and jumped back and I elbowed Wilson in the eye socket.. I felt so bad! he is alright though!

Sunday- Longgggg Sunday!! We were at the church from 7am tell 1pm-ish which is a blessing because usually we won’t get out of there tell 2:30-ish! But is was a good Sunday, we had some investigators come to church and it was spiritual. We went to a members house and ate some bomb Haitian food then helped the little girl fly her kite. I love those kids! My calf has been killing me because this dumb boot is preventing me from fully stretching my leg out when I walk!

I hope everyone had a blessed week and continues to have more great weeks to come. I love the work I am embarked in! I am grateful for trials and tribulation, this is the only way we become the sons and daughter are Heavenly Father wants us to become. As we submit to His will, He will bless us. At times it is hard and we fall off the path for a split second but as we fall to our knees and ask to be carried back to the path, He will lead us and guide us back home. Have a great week everyone. Much love from your missionary in Florida.. You know the one who is always broken.. 🙂

-Elder Dallen Thomas


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