April 8, 2013

What a beautiful opportunity we had yesterday to be taught from on high! We were able to hear from Apostles and Prophets and listen to the word of God! I hope we call can soak in the messages and apply them to our lives. 3 main topics were discussed yesterday and Sat. 1. The beauty of missionary work, the chance that we have as members, full-time missionaries and every day people to preach the gospel and share it will all those around us. I hope we all can take the council of our Priesthood Brethren and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am privileged to be apart of this work day in and day out. To see changes in lives of others and bring eternal happiness to all. 2. Eternal Families, how great it is to have the knowledge and understanding that we can live with our loved ones for eternity! I love my family, so much that I separated myself from them for 2 years that I might bring others to the understanding of this eternal truth! 3. The Atonement, my question was answered as Elder Cardon bore a beautiful testimony of forgiveness. Our sins are forgiven! Now, Go and Do the things which we have learned! I love conference and hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

I don’t have my journal with me today so i will try the best I can to remember all that happened! haha Last Monday after we played some b-ball, me and Elder Wilson went bowling! It was sick, I was horrible though because it had been over a year since I’ve played! We had a great lesson with the Louis Family where we committed them to be baptized on May 11th. Hayden’s Birthday!! We are setting hoping to set a calender with them tonight!

Tuesday- We went to a members house and she taught us how to make some Haitian food, then we played some basketball with her 8 year old son. it was a lot of fun, he calls us his brothers! Cute kid! Then we went contacting and finding then ended the night with some more lessons haha sorry this is so generic but I can’t really remember!

Wednesday- Sickest day! We set 2 dates. One with Jacquiy on the 27th of April and he is way excited, we can’t wait for him because he loves the church and is going to be such a faithful member! Then we set one with Bernadette and she is so positive! Oh my when we asked her, she said “yes of course but can we still study until that date so I can be prepared?” so sick!! She will get baptized on the 4th of May! We are sad because this Saturday we get calls to see if we stay of leave. I think one of is out which stinks because we have so much work to do and we want to see the baptisms of all that we’ve helped come unto Christ. Me and Elder Wilson have grown and learned together and love serving together, He will be one of my best friends when we get home for sure!

Thursday- Lame day.. we got a tornado warning and had to hibernate inside all day, so lame! We had a good weekly planning session though! P.s No tornado actually came, we are fine 🙂 there was one 10 miles off the shore though!

Friday- It rained all Friday and that kind of hindered the work, Haitians hate water and won’t even dare going outside when it rains, also, if we were to knock on their door to teach a lesson, because we were wet from the rain, they wouldn’t let us in. So our work goes down when rain comes 😦

Saturday- There was a sweet baptism for the Golden Gate Elders before conference for this girl that they’ve been working with for a really long time, I was able to teach her once while on exchanges so that was really awesome to see her enter the waters of baptism! General Conference was bomb like I said above and that basically covers Sunday too. So great finish to a great week! I love missionary work!! This really is Christ’s work and we are apart of His only true church! Be thankful each day for this privileged! I love you all and wish you the best on your daily adventures this week! Until next week, God be with you!
-Elder Dallen Thomas


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