April 29, 2013

Good Morning Family!! So things are real great on this end expect for the fact that Mother’s day is in 2 weeks and I don’t have a clue what my families new address is! And I haven’t heard from them in close to 3 weeks.. Goodness! Just kidding, I love you guys! Keep staying busy 🙂

Monday- After P-day we went knocking and gave this family a sweet Saviors peace and blessing, they are now working with the English Elders so I hope they are positive! We had a funny/scary experience with one of our members.. We were joking around at first that she might have passed away (not funny I know) And then it turned serious and we were freaking out, but then on Tuesday morning it turned back into laughs because she was really fine.. long story short, people need to stop loosing Haitians!!

Tuesday- Got my dang boot off and that was a blessing! I’m fine and can’t wait to get back on the court 😉 haha just kidding! I’ll take it easy! We had great lessons with Jacquiy, just trying to prepare him for his baptism. And we taught Jody, Jonathan and Cemy about repentance and obedience and it was great! We used like every analogy in the book it was awesome.

Wednesday- We had an interview with Jacquiy for his baptism and he aced it! We made programs for his baptism and called everyone in our phone to come on Saturday. We then went and played football/dodge ball with this little boy named Darlins. Funny kid, just a little trouble maker at times. We went to a Haitian store and they gave us this jar of Picklies for free. so nice!!

Thursday- We went to Darlins school to each lunch with him and that was way fun, then his mom fed us Pye Kabrit or in English.. Goat Feet! Eww… eww.. sickest thing ever! I don’t know what was worse.. me eating it or listening to the Haitian lady eat it like a savage. Blah!! We had a good lesson with a couple of girls on the Plan of Salvation and they asked great questions! This one girl is really positive and we want to teach her whole family!

Friday- Probably the toughest day of my whole mission.. long story short… Jacquiy canceled last minute and said he doesn’t want to get baptized. I’ve never been so crushed in my life. My heart and stomach just ached all day. I’ve never cried so much and prayed so much. Everything will be ok, he will get baptized and this will be a learning experience. I know my Savior lives and loves each of His children and through the Atonement Jacquiy can be healed and mended again. He healed my heart that day and I will continue to work hard! We taught this J-Dub kid named Dunvar and he is way nice and asks great questions, his mom is Bernadette who has a date set for May 18th so hopefully that’ll impact him and we can start to work with him! I had Haitian watermelon soda for the first time… oh my heaven. game over!! We had dinner at our bishops house and we ate steak! So good! I gave the spiritual thought and his non-member sister was there and she started to cry. It was a great experience and I was thankful to be the instrument in the Lord’s hand in helping her feeling the Holy Ghost. I buzzed my hair again because it is so hot her! And when it’s long and I put stuff in my hair, bugs are attracted to hit and I hate them around my ears! So It looks nice short 🙂

Saturday- I had a personal study on the Book of Mormon that just rocked my world. I know with all my soul and heart that book is true. There is no possible way its not! I encourage you all to read it, study it and pray about it. I came to know of the truthfulness through just that, search, ponder and pray! We found a lizard on Elder Booth’s clothes and it was funny trying to catch it. We ate deep cleaned our whole house and ate Panda Express for dinner Yum!

Sunday- We have the sickest leaders and members here in Naples. I love working with the two wards! And the ward mission leader got on everyone’s case about not feeding us so we have like 3 dinners this week 🙂 I didn’t have to translate this week which was a good break and Elder Schenk an English Elder was basically my comp for the day! It was awesome. Some lady gave a talk in church and was all like, “I hate church, I hate coming here each week and I hate my family.” we all were like no… it turned out to be an ok talk but she was ridiculous up there saying she hates all this stuff haha. We had dinner at a members house and ate spaghetti. It was fun and good company. Solid Sabbath.

Well Family and Friends, I love you guys so much! I appreciate you and the support you give me. I know I sound like a broken record but I really am thankful for all the love you give me. I am blessed and protected out here because of the prayers you offer in behalf of me! I pray for you all and I know He answers. Have a great week and keep praying:)

-Elder Dallen Thomas



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