April 22, 2013


Family&Friends! It is a rainy, overcast day here in Naples Florida. Sitting at the library with my dumb boot on can’t wait to get it off tomorrow so I can get back on the court! 🙂 haha just playing, I’ll take it easy!

Last Monday- We had a great lesson with the Louis Family and they are really progressing it is awesome. They are teenage girls who we might have had a problem with the Law of Chastity…(Florida..) haha But they were good with that and kinda complained about the Word of Wisdom.. but we’ll work out the kinks!

Tuesday- Again we taught Jacquiy and he is so solid, he basically taught us about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. He is great! We had to help all the new missionaries get settled down here in Naples. We got Elder Schenk, one of the new English Elders and he is hilarious! We actually go home together and we just hit it off. One of my great friends out here on the mish. He came to some lessons with us until his companions came down. We went to some sketchy neighborhood where these kids were yelling at us, telling us “you don’t belong here Mormon’s.. You crackers… swearing…” great times! Which is funny because I’m 6’3 and so is Schenk and Wilson is 6’2. not to mention we are all 20! What the junk? These little punk 15 year old’s man.. We taught a good lesson with the Desire Family and they are solid, we talked about temples. We got the other 2 English Elders at like 9 at night in the pouring rain. One is Elder Langi who is the running-back for Utah (Go Cougars) 😉 yes the rivalry continues in Florida.. and Elder Chamberlain a small, nice black kid from SLC. So these Elders are way tight and we are excited to have them in our area and to work with them!

Wednesday- I was companions with Elder Hubbard all day because our companions had a district leader meeting in Tampa. Hubbard just recently got a concussion and is totally out of it, can’t remember a thing! It is so sad and I just basically had to babysit him all day. We got some Panda Express and that was good 🙂 But he just rested all day. We went to activities once Wilson got back and the Desire’s Mom had her interview to be re-submitted or re-baptized and the Dad didn’t come so… the First Presidency might not clear them 😦  We hope they can get re-baptized because without them, we fail with the kids because they all want to be baptized together. Pray for them!

Thursday- We weekly planned and we cannot believe April is basically over.. And it is almost summer and school is about to get out, what the heck?? Time is flyin’! We had some good lessons and taught the Desire Family again on Humility and it went way well, the Dad sat in on the lesson and participated the most, so that was good. We are going to watch 17 Miracles with them soon.

Friday- We had a sick district meeting and then taught Jacquiy. He is getting baptized on April 27th at 11 o’clock! Thing with Haitian’s is they can’t make up their dang decision on who they want to baptize them! They tell us to choose. So Elder Wilson is going to perform the Ordinance and I’ll give him the Holy Ghost the following day. It’ll be great because it’ll be in Creole and we are in a English Ward, so they’ll love it! We had to look for apartments for all the Elders and Sisters down here because we are short 2 apartments and we need to get everyone situated. It’s a mess, and we wanna live by ourselves again!

Saturday- Saturday was way sick!! It was Elder Hogge’s Birthday so we all met half way at Red Robin and went to lunch. I loved seeing all the guys again, we rarely see them because Naples is like a black hole.. It is in a totally different Zone and we never see any of the other Haitian-aries. I need some new b-ball kicks so I got some… hope that was ok 🙂 haha They are so dope!! Black and Neon Green! Imma be ballin’! We then attended a baptism for some other Elders in our District and that was good. We had another Birthday party to go to for this little girl named Ahkilah.. or however you spell it! But her family is less-active so we went to support. We got some great grub of Haitian food and talked with a bunch of “Haitian-Mommies” as we call it.. I’ll explain some day 🙂

Sunday- Probably one of the most stressful Sunday’s! I had to translate non-stop for 3 hours. All of Sacrament, Sunday School and Priesthood to Haitian’s who could care less that they are there.. In fact they take off their head-sets so i’m basically translating for no one. ha one guy even fell asleep in Priesthood while I was sitting right next to him. But I love them so much!! Jacquiy came to church and loved it and can’t wait for his baptism next week! I went home and just crashed out.. When I woke up I was basically in “Zombie-Mode” and not in a good mood 😦 We had to teach some little buy named Darlins who “hates everything” He is 8 and just the biggest trouble maker ever! He got kicked out of Boarding School.. tell me how that happens?? Anyways yesterday just wasn’t my day. We camped out but the window forever waiting for the Spanish Elders to come home so we could ambush them with water guns. They didn’t get home tell 10:35!! Big No-No!! but we still owned them with water.

I hope you all enjoyed your week! It was a great week for me:) I am doing great and can’t wait to be back to normal tomorrow when I get my boot off! I pray for you all and love you all so much! and p.s mom.. I need a new long sleeve shirt.. “16 1/2 34/35 Fitted Poplin” thank you:) Love you mommy! Sorry I don’t have pictures.. I can’t upload them onto the library computers and apparently I look “skinnier” so imma bulk up and then send pictures 🙂

-Love Elder Dallen Thomas



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