March 5, 2013..haircut, basketball, investigators, baptism, gift of tongues, Red Sox,……SUNBURN!

Hello! Sorry for not emailing yesterday, we had a crazy p-day that i’ll talk about a little later..

Tuesday- We had some old gross Spanish soup still all over our back seat and it smelt sooo bad! So all morning we tried getting it out… failed. The cars still kinda smells even today. We finally had a b-day party for me and ate some cake. It was fun! I went on exchanges with Elder Jones the Zone Leader and his area is on campus of a college down here. Oh my goodness I was freaking out, we had to talk to all these kids our age and people that AREN’T HAITIAN!! I was tripping out but it was a lot of fun. We then taught this girl named Stephanie at the church and it was good but she is a Biology major and she didn’t believe anything we were saying! Goodness! We then had Institute class and ate some pizza. The other Elders who share the same area with the Zone Leaders came over and baked another cake for me and we had a little party. It was sweet, the Elders in our Zone are so sick! 
Wednesday- We woke up and made some pancakes and I found a Harry Potter wand/writing pen 🙂 so legit! haha We all went to Subway after District meeting and I got Buffalo Chicken… eww bad choice! We taught this less-active lady and she is so nice but she works on Sunday’s so she can’t come to church. We went to dinner with the Spanish Elders at their members house and then we had activities at the church. No one even recognized me with my hair cut! We changed into different clothes and played b-ball with the youth. 
Thursday- We had a lot of referrals to contact, so we got some Watermelon sour patch candies and some Mt Dew and drove around visiting all of our potential investigators. It was a lot of fun and way productive! We taught another less-active lady and she is moving and won’t tell us her new address.. Haitians. haha we then had a lesson at this investigators families house where we watched the Restoration and answered their questions. it was really spiritual and we hope to set a date with them tonight! 
Friday- We went to Mckyd’s for breakfast, so good! Then we went to help this lady with a grant… I didn’t even know what a grant was haha but we helped her and she is this nice Haitian lady who helps out all these poor people in Haiti. She showed us a video of these people in Haiti and it was so sad! That place is awful and it breaks my heart people have to live like that. We taught Chantania and filled out her baptism papers and she was excited for her baptism! We had dinner at another Spanish members house where they fed us pizza and we watched another church movie. It was awesome! I said the prayer twice in Spanish! haha gift of tongues baby! We found out the two Spanish Elders living with us won’t be moving out soon and we are a little ticked off. They are so messy! Our house looks like a bomb went off and I can’t stand living like that (thanks mom) 🙂 
Saturday- we woke up and helped clean the church and played some basketball. It was transfer call Sat. so we were all excited to see what would happen. Me and Elder Wilson are staying another transfer which is good. And one of the Elders we live with is training so we will have a newb in the house! haha We all went to Olive Garden to celebrate and it was so bomb! I love that place! We then set everything up for the baptism and not a lot of people showed up, it was sad. But Chantania is not the smallest 11 year old and I was kinda stressing out I wouldn’t perform the baptism well. So I had a small prayer that everything would be fine and the Lord in His mercy helped me baptize Chantania and the whole baptism was so beautiful! She loved it and was so happy! Ah it was so perfect! I am thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who answers prayers! We then went home and cleaned/ dis-infected our house and change the whole layout to our house. Our house looks so legit now! We set up surround sound and have this whole “sanctuary” to ourselves 🙂
Sunday- Wilson gave Chantania the Holy Ghost and we had a great fast and testimony meeting. The other meetings aren’t as good because we seriously have to translate everything and Haitians are crazy! They LOVE the bible, so you say one thing about it and they flip and go off about non-sense. its ridiculous! Our solid investigators keep bailing on us and on church, it stinks!! Pray for them! We watched the CES devotional that Elder Bednar gave. Oh my, it was so awesome. So spiritual and great! I hope you all had a chance to see it, if not, you can watch it online! We are pulling the sickest prank on Elder Rod’s new trainee hahaha I’m pretending to be from France and I can’t speak a lick of English and we are going to go split knocking and he’ll have to do everything. It’ll be epic. He comes down tonight!
Monday- Probably the sickest P-day ever turned into the most painful p-day ever (except when i broke my foot) We went to the Red Sox vs Rays spring training game and it was legit!! We got in for free but we had to do some service first. So for 4 1/2 hours we helped park cars. It was a lot of fun and not that hard. Plus we parked some really nice cars!! Ok we couldn’t actually park them, but we directed them into a parking spot haha still it was a blast. It was freezing in the morning and then it got so hot! We got a hot dog and drink and found a sweet spot to sit and watched the game! We left after the 7th inning but the Red Sox were winning 5-1. Elder Hogge came with us and it was a lot of fun! I love that kid. We went to the mall to look for a new belt for Wilson and i looked in the mirror and i was done…. complete 100% tomato. Oh my goodness, my face got so sun burned it is ridiculous! It hurts so bad. I had to hurry and buy Aloe Vera and drench my face with it. My face is seriously swollen and I can’t even smile because my lips are burned too. I have zero expression and it just stinks. I had the worst nights sleep last night! Please pray for me, I need all the support I can get 😦 
I love you all so much!! You all are in my prayers each night. Stay strong and keep pressing forward!
-Elder Dallen Thomas 



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