March 11, 2013 – Missionary prank, spoke in church, awesome fireside, basketball, missionary discussions….

Bon Jou! Kijan ou ye? My week has gone ok! And my sunburn had fadded and I’m back to normal, thank goodness!
Tuesday- After I emailed you guys we went back to the house to get lunch and the Spanish Elders who stay with us got back. Elder Rod is training a new Elder named Elder Booth. Way cool kid but we played a prank on him… I said I was from France and I couldn’t speak a lick of English and he totally bought it! haha it was hilarious beacuse we played this joke on him for 3 days! ha We taught Bernadette and wanted to teach her whole family but they said they were tired and acting way sketchy. But it was a good lesson with the mom!
Wednesday- Wilson had to go to Sarasota for a District Leader Meeting and I had to be with an English Elder, Elder Hubbard. Such a stud. We are way tight and we had a good time! When went knocking with the Spanish Elders and I went with this other newbie named Elder James. And he is so funny! He didn’t do any doors, I had to do them all and we had some funny experiences. I bought another journal so I can just write down knocking expereinces! haha Me and Elder Hubbard thought this lady named Chanika and it was a bomb lesson, it was freezing outside but such a good lesson, she is their investigator and will for sure get baptized! We had activities and we played basketball with the youth. Then the Elder Quorm came from Naples Ward and invited us to play. It was a lot of fun but my sunburn still killed, so that wasn’t the brightest idea! But I had some guys on my who kept fouling me and slapping my hands, it got way annoying but strangely.. I didn’t get mad.. haha the mission is changing me!! haha
Thursday- The No-English prank was still on and before District Meeting we all played some b-ball and me and Elder Booth ended up playing each other and it was so awkward for him because i’d talk to him and he couldn’t understand a thing and it was funny! He would say something in English and I’d just shake my head and act like I can understand. oh my funny! I couldn’t speak all DM and I had to give the closing prayer and I did it English to basically kill the prank and Elder Booth was freaking out!! He couldn’t believe I spoke English and it was just a good prank! We weekly planned and then visited a recent convert. She is kinda mean to me.. some little 11 year old Haitian with an attitude named Taina.. I don’t know what I did for her to dislike me but she is mean! haha We ate at a Spanish members home for dinner and it was so good!! We all had a laugh attack during dinner and it was good to laugh and have fun. Me and Wilson started peeling way bad and looked way dumb!
Friday- We went knocking and found some people, not a lot and some lady flipped on us and told us to leave the complex. She thought we were soliciters.. yeah of the truth!!  We had Me and Elder Stegall’s basketball tournament in Ft. Myers and we drove up with 2 set of other missionaries. We get 3/4 the way there and our Zone Leaders called us and told us to turn around and that we weren’t allowed to play. President called and chewed Elder Stegall out and told us we can never play sports ever outside of P-day and that even if and investigator is there, President said it is the biggest waste of time…. oh my i was crushed and mad and every emotion possible i had it! Goodness, we wasted so many miles and time to drive up there for nothing, just to be yelled at and told we can’t play ever was a huge disappointment. Whatever! We ate some bomb dinner kinda like a Cafe Rio and got Cold Stone after too. We turned into a fun night as we drove all the way home.
Saturday- Basically the longest day ever… We tried to see people all day and got owned with no one home or no one answered. It was a huge bummer and we biked so much. We knocked a little and some Haitian Baptist Pastor invited us to his church next Sunday at 7 at night so we are going to go! haha Finally got into a lesson with this kid named Peterson and he is way cool, he is 18 and has had a rough life, has a hige tattoo on is chest for his mom and then during the lesson, his mom called him the devil and all this stuff it was sad! He accepted to be baptized and we are excited for him. He wants a change in his life and he is a good kid. Pray for him! I had a way cool expereince where I followed the spirit and talk to this guy walking… long story but ask me when i get home. Sickest story!!! I got called 30 minutes before bed and got told I’m speaking in Church tomorrow..
Sunday- My talk was on prayer in 2 Nephi 32: 8-9. Weird!! This time exactly last year I gave my farewell talk on prayer and used the same scripture!! What the !! haha it was legit, and it went well. I also had to translate for this other guy and after a Haitian man told me I have good creole 🙂 good compliment! haha We took a nap because daylight saving owned us!! haha We got refreshed and went to do follow-up work with some potentials. They weren’t home, bummer and then we went to the fireside at the church. Oh my, coolest fireside I have ever been to… This man is a scholar a historian and he is in the Florida Tampa Mission Presidency and his name is President Thompson. I worked with him and his wife all the time in Mokee and I also ate at their house for Thanksgiving. So sweet smart guy hold a fireside on evidences of the Book of Mormon and made this huge presentation on the language and temples back in the day. sickest thing ever. Just a huge testimony that our church is true and so is the Book of Mormon and that the work we do in the temple is eternal. I know that for a fact! I love you all. Strive to live your lives in accordance where you can go to the temple and be sealed for time and for all eternity to your family. And if you have been sealed. Be worthy to keep those everlasting covenants! have a great week! let the Spirit guide!!
-Elder Dallen Thomas

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