January 7, 2013 – wow, I love church!

Good Morning family and friends! It is a rainy day here in Florida and to be honest.. I dislike driving in it! We headed to Fort Myers but a lady needed a blessing for her 1 year old nephew. I was privileged to offer it and it was a little difficult with him moving around and not liking someone touching his head but it went well and I have total confidence he will be healed. But we will start with last monday..

Monday- It was New Years Eve and Elder Hogge went to bed at 9:30… How lame?? Haha we got on the roof and watched some fireworks. it wasn’t the best new years but hey, i’ll take it haha!
Tuesday- We taught a lady named Annet and she said once she feels better she wants to get baptized! But we are going to tell her that she will be healed once she gets baptized and shows Heavenly Father she has the faith enough to be healed. She has some skin disease it is sad! Then we are teaching this little boy named Pierre and no joke I love this kid so much, he is the biggest stud and loves our lessons. He said his new years resolution was to “be apart of your church” me and him are like best friends and I am so excited for him to get baptized! I hope he does!! We ate at this investigators house and had this food called “pate” and it was amazing!! so good! We ate at a members house and I killed everyone in Dominoes, 4-0! haha owned!! 🙂 And my book, “Let it Go” is so legit! I finished it and it was such a good book. everyone should read it!
Wednesday- Woke up with this way bad pain in my chest and i think I pulled a deep tissue muscle. but I am good now 🙂 We had district meeting and played a game called “I love you because..” it was good and it got deep! Had some tears. Elder Hogge went on exchanges again and my companion this time was Elder Brown, and he is brown. haha he is half black and he is legit we had a good time! Also, Parker entered the MTC and I am so proud of him, anyone know how he is doing?? 
Thursday- We found a new investigator by knocking and she seems way positive! Me and Hogge got our gym passes renewed and just laid on the grass and talked, man I love that kid. It will be sad not being his comp anymore. I have spent 1/4 of my mission with him. crazy! We taught some lessons then played our weekly volleyball games and me and Elder Hogge killed the Spanish Elders. We owned them it was awesome. 4 games to 1 to be exact 🙂 But then I got soooo sick and my stomach hurt so bad!
Friday- I barely slept and was sick all day it was the worst and I don’t even know why I was sick! Again, I am fine now:) We had a lesson with the girl we dropped awhile back named Marie Baptist. I basically told her I’m baptizing her haha sometimes it is good to be bold. Me and Elder Hogge taught a bomb lesson and the spirit was so strong! We are hoping she can enter the waters of baptism before I head out of Mokee. Ate at an investigators house, some bomb rice and beans but that just owned me and we had to go home because I was so sick! Blah! 
Saturday- So we were freaking out because we had to get Pierre’s moms approval so that he could come to church, so we went to talk to her and it was so awesome! She is so American-ized and speaks great English. She approved him going to church and wants her other children to listen to our message! Oh my I can not tell you how happy I was!! She is so awesome and I was so happy she said yes! We then taught our investigator Karidad and she gave us 20$…….. a Haitian gave us 20$… wait… A HAITIAN GAVE US… US MONEY.. 20$. What the heck?????!!!??? We could not accept it, we felt so bad and we refused to take it. She said (in Creole) “You are my babies and I am your mom, please take this.” oh my, so we took it and paid it to fast offering yesterday. We then taught Chasline and she said she was coming to church!! 
Sunday- Can I just tell you that this was the first Sunday in Immokalee that I was like “wow, I love church!” you all know when I don’t eat, i get a little cranky and it was fast Sunday but honestly, my joy was so full!!! Can I just say that my smile was from ear to ear with the success we were given. We worked really hard all week and taught 23 lessons. It paid of because we had 6 investigators at church and it was amazing!! Little Pierre gave his testimony and said he wants to be baptized Because he knows this is the true church and he loves the lessons we teach him!!! I was so happy and I just know this kid is a diamond and he will get baptized.! Also, a Haitian member gave her testimony about my lesson I gave last Sunday and she started to cry and said it really affected her life. I was so honored and loved that!! They had combined 3rd hour again and some of the youth bore their testimonies about my lesson too, it was so humbling to see these lives where changed because of the lesson I taught, but I know that it wasn’t me. It was the spirit and HE taught the youth, not me. I am so thankful for the spirit in my life! We had dinner at a Haitian members house and it was my last time going over there and we had a great time! We had a bomb lesson and they played Just Dance 4. goodness, that game looks so fun! But we had a great week and a great Sabbath Day, I am excited for the up-coming weeks and to see the progress of our investigators. I love you guys and I am so thankful for the support you all give me. I can feel your prayers each day and you all are much apart of this work. Thank you! I had a beautiful experience last night where I asked the Lord to bless us with the baptism of Pierre and the spirit whispered to me that that would be given to us, through our faith and obedience. I am so thankful for the Lord and His merciful plan and I know Pierre will get baptized and I know it is only because the Lord has provided the way. His ways are straight and perfect, in fact He has 1 way.. and that is back to our Heavenly Father. I love you all! Have a great week! 
-Elder Dallen Thomas 



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