January 28, 2013….NAPLES, FLORIDA!!! My second area :)

Hello Ya’ll!!

First things first, I got transferred to Naples serving with Elder Wilson! It’ll be a great change, but i will always love and miss Immokalee, hopefully one day i’ll get transferred back! My 20th Birthday is coming up and if you’d like to send me a little something something here is my address… haha just kidding.. but no really send me a letter, it’ll make my day:)
1376 Wildwood Lakes Blvd
Unit #3
Naples, FL 34104
Monday- I ate Panda Express.. ūüôā and Elder Stegall (my trainer) informed me that the basketball¬†tournament in March is called “Stegall & Thomas Invintational” haha so sick!! We’ll own! The trophy is in the bag!
Tuesday- It was Elder Avila’s Birthday so we went to a members house for lunch and it was so good! I went on an exchange with Elder Flinders and it was a blast. I love that kid! We taught this girl named Cassandra and she is way positive! Then I ate at a members house for the last time and we played a fun game for FHE. I’ll miss going over there! We had a nerf-war and Flinders got owned.. we lost 10-8 and I was so upset because Flinders got hit 9 of the 10 hits.. haha!
Wednesday- Saw the sickest Bald Eagle in our neighborhood.We gave a kid in our branch a blessing then had DM. We ate lunch at another members house and it was really good Chilean food! We taught Pierre then went to activities for the scouts. They had an ex-FBI agent there and his stories were so sick! The kids were loving him! They have Hungry Howies down here!! We had it Wednesday night and it was so good!!
Thursday- We gave another kid a blessing in our branch and right after it was done, he was all like “k can I play the wii now??” so funny!! We ate some nasty Haitian food at this lady’s house and taught her. Then a family in the Branch (my mission family) picked up me and Elder Avila and took us out to eat. It was a Japanese Fire Grill where they make the food in front of you. It was a good say good-bye meal! Except the people at our table were making out and it was sick, then at the end, she¬†precedes¬†to tell us she is baptized in our church! haha what a night!
Friday- We taught Cassandra and committed her to be baptized on Feb. 10th! She is excited and so are we (too bad I’ll be in Naples:( maybe I can come back.) I took tons of pictures with families and investigators on Friday and said bye to basically everyone, it was sad! I’ll miss all my little Haitian families ūüė¶
Saturday- I got a call early Sat. morning to tell me I am serving in Naples, we will switch tomorrow morning. I packed all my stuff and I really don’t have much! It is sad ūüė¶ haha basically just took pictures all day and then we ate at an investigators house and it was such bomb food! It was sad saying bye to more people.
Sunday- Crazy day but so fun!! I spoke in both sides of the Branch on families and it went really well. Me and Elder Avila taught Cassandra during second hour and set an¬†official¬†date with her, with a calender and everything! haha I had to teach Young¬†Women’s¬†to…yeah that’s right YW!! haha it was a really good lesson and all I could think of was if I taught this back at home my little sister would be so¬†embarrassed! haha it was awesome though! Got more pictures and said bye to basically everyone. We ate dinner with some Haitian Members and it was the best Haitian food I’ve had! We then had another dinner appointment and it was ok, good company and once again I had to teach the lesson. I am a teaching machine! haha Some ladies in the branch were crying because I am leaving.. it was sad! Good night though! Elder Avila is a Spanish Elder I have been¬†privileged¬†to serve around for a good 5 months of my mission and he is going home on Wednesday back to Cali.. I’ll miss him a lot, he was a great example to me!
I hope everyone had a great week and wish you all the best for this week! Have fun watching the Super Bowl amd don’t forget it is my Birthday!! haha Love you all and pray for you continually! -Elder Dallen Thomas

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