January 21, 2013…last week in Mokee!!

Hello Family and Friends!!

First thing is first.. If you plan on sending me anything for my birthday (Feb. 3rd) 🙂 You would need to send it to my current address this week so I can get it before I leave Immokalee. Or just wait and send it next week when I get you my brand new address and i’ll email it to all of you next Monday. Transfer calls are on Saturday and I know I am leaving so I am pretty excited:)
Monday- Little girl got found in some field, so that was good! We bought Nerf guns and played basically all night, I pretty much own everyone in the house, even though my gun is not that good! Haha it was way fun!
Tuesday- Probably one of the hardest days I’ve ever had. We had interviews with the Mission President and we think he was frustrated with other missionaries because the whole Immokalee House Elders got owned and we all thought he hated us.. But he doesn’t haha Then basically just got my heart crushed… In a nut shell, Pierre didn’t get baptized because his mom freaked out on us and hates us way bad now… Oh my it was the worst experience ever and it was so sad. But we will still work with him and maybe he can get baptized in the near future and he’ll still ask me to baptize him! 
Wednesday- Not a lot happened, we had District Meeting and Mutual… Some lady in the branch was all like, oh yeah how about the Broncos.. I kinda exploded on her.. I was like I am really passionate about sports and if you don’t want me getting mad, don’t talk to me about sports. goodness! haha but I apologized and told her I hope the 49ers win the Super Bowl. (I don’t want them to win, I hope it ends in a tie… and then they say… oh wait… the Broncos deserve the win.. and Peyton Manning, Von Miller and Champ Bailey rush on the field and kiss the trophy! 🙂 hahaha ) 
Thursday- We were riding our bikes to an appointment and some car stops me and is like “wanna talk about god, or what?” So I was like yeah, that would be awesome. I called for Elder Hogge and they parked their car and we sat in Pop-eyes for 2 hours talking to three Catholic students. It was a really awesome experience, we didn’t “Bible Bash” or fight, just shared our beliefs and had compared insights. My testimony grew a ton on the Sacrament and how perfect we do it each week and how happy I am to have the Priesthood in my life. I also learned that God only asks simple, humble men to serve in His Kingdom. He doesn’t ask that we study or gain a degree in college before He entrusts us with His authority, he simply gives it to unlearned 12 year old boys because He trusts them. He gives 19 year old men the chance of a life-time to preach His Gospel. We are truly blessed with the truth in our lives! We committed this lady to baptism and she said yes and her friend started praising and worshiping the sky, it was psycho but hilarious! 
Friday- We taught Pierre finally and he still wants to come to church, so that is positive! We got chased but 3 sets of dogs and it was dumb! I can’t stand dogs!! goodness, put a leash on those beasts! I played some football with some little Haitian kids and they were terrible, but it is funny because they think they are so sick. haha We taught Marie and had a really good lesson and we hope that she can gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She then fed us so bomb Haitian food! Oh p.s… I really dislike vegetables! Haitians have ruined them for me 😦
Saturday- We found some new investigators and they are so awesome! The girl is 17(Stacy) and her mom and brother are interested too. I learned how to ride my bike with no hands… yeah pretty legit I know! ha! Then we ate some other bomb Haitian food and I love it! You guys would probably hate it, but I have become accustom to it haha! 
Sunday- Welp, we got Stacy and her whole family, Pierre and another investigator to church but then it was a disaster! I’ve never felt so embarrassed as a missionary and I’ll leave it at that.. We ate at 2 Spanish Members houses last night and it was really good. Elder Hogge got a Salt Lake City puzzle and we have been working on it and we finished it this morning! It looks so sick. The Nerf wars are way fun and basically I just own everyone! haha Next week I am speaking in the Spanish side and the Creole side, it’ll be way fun! 
Had a good week, and I think this next week is my last week in Mokee, wish me luck!! I love you all and pray for you! have a great week everyone!
-Elder Thomas ImageImageImage

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