January 14, 2013….ugh, Justin Bieber!

10 months today!! Crazy huh?? Plus the shock wave from Denver crushed my little heart down here in Immokalee, Florida as that was a devastating loss.. welp, there is always next year and the year after that (when I get home in 2014) haha. But can I just say that missionary work makes me so much for happier then a football game. The work I am doing brings eternal happiness to not only my life but those I serve. I am truly involved in a marvelous work! How much greater could it get?? The time is cruising by but I am still loving every minute! We will start with the beginning of the week.. but it was so sad this morning at about 2am we got an Amber Alert text that scared me half to death. we drove to the gym and there were 100 plus cop cars around our neighborhood and 2 or 3 news casters and tons of caution tape. A little 2 year old Hispanic girl got kidnapped last night out of her bedroom. pray for them! 

Tuesday- We got a new investigator that is 82 years old and she wants us to call her “Grandma” haha she started crying and told us that she prayed we would come knock on her down that day. awesome huh? we hope she progresses! Then we got 2 more new Investigators, it is a mom and a little girl. But then we got crushed by Chasline, our way solid investigator, she told us that she didn’t like church and she wasn’t coming again.. goodness!! The mission is such an emotional roller coaster! We then had the sickest lesson with Pierre’s whole family! They are all super positive and they said yes to Pierre getting baptized on the 20th!! This Sunday he is getting dunked! We are soooo excited!! Thank you all for your prayers! 
Wednesday- I went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I left Immokalee for a day. I served with Elder Weddell and he is a great missionary, loves the work and teaches great! Every lesson was in Spanish but it was still fun! We got fed a ton and I said probably 20 prayers (cuz I was the “new guy”) haha I did miss my Haitians though! Elder Hogge called me and said he soft committed one of our solid investigators to baptism and she said yes! Pretty solid day!
Thursday- We switched back and then taught “Grandma’s” granddaughter because she was sleeping and her name is Marie and she was kinda rude to Elder Hogge! haha we then watched all these little kids basically kill each other in football. They were playing tackle football and just were owning each other. It was crazy!! We had dinner at a members house and I owned at Uno! Goodness give me a game that’s challenging! haha Just kidding but it was way fun! 
Friday- I tried to make French Toast for breakfast and it was an epic fail.. haha I need to learn how to cook, Dad, a little help here! 🙂 But then no one was home so we went finding and found this way nice lady and her husband and they gave us Haitian bread and Sunny-D. We blessed their house and hopefully see them this week and get some more new investigators! Saw 2 huge gators at this lake and took some pics then taught a less-active girl and we are hoping to influence her to get back to church and one day go to BYU! That’ll be great for her! Then we taught Marie Baptist and had a really spiritual lesson with her. We are trying to get her baptized on my birthday! so the 3rd of Feb. We need her baptized, but she it way active in her other church, so hopefully she is willing to make some sacrifices! 
Saturday- We taught Pierre and he is so stoked for his baptism this next week! We are just finalizing some stuff and he’ll be ready! Ate some nasty food and I about threw up! haha Haitian food is either a hit or a complete miss! Saturday’s are usually really bomb for us but no one was home for some reason this Sat. We had a mission-wide thankful fast, so we had to have a conference call to start that. Then we played some volleyball and soccer at the church for a members birthday party. We then taught some members and came home and I cut Elder Hogge’s hair, I did a decent job! haha But he cut it because an Area 70 was visiting our Branch the next day..
Sunday- We were all flipping out and couldn’t understand why this 70 was coming to Immokalee, we thought it was going to close or we were getting new leadership but nothing happened. He just came and talked, I had to translate into Creole and he was so good at teaching/speaking! His name is Elder Blooth and he was amazing! So church wasn’t too bad this week again! We tried to help the Spanish Elders with a potential baptism for these 3 little kids. We taught them while the Spanish Elders talked with the mom. Kinda sad she said no to them getting baptized. 😦 I love the kids! They are all awesome and they all call me Justin Bieber! haha we had another conference call to end our fast and then we went to our Branch President’s house for dinner. Basically the whole branch was there eating, it was a blast! A total party! We played Scripture Charades and it was fun! Good ending to a great week! I can not believe January is almost over! Time is flying but it is a blast. I have mixed feelings about leaving Mokee but change will be good. I will fond out where I am going next on Jan. 26th! Have a wonderful week and know that the Lord loves each and every one of you! You are all so blessed and have such a wonderful opportunity to be placed in this gospel! So share it! Love you all!
-Elder Dallen Thomas ImageImageImage



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