February 4, 2013…I’m in my twenties! Happy Birthday!

Big Two Zero!!! Haha I’m old…. goodness! But I loved my birthday, it was different but good to be surrounded by people who love me already and good to celebrate it with people I have recently come close with! I am loved already down here in Naples and it is such a blessing! The Elders in our Zone are so sick and we are all super excited for our succession. My Companion, Elder Wilson is a stud and we are going to have much success together. And the members are all so excepting and love that I am serving here now. I am at the Library and don’t have much time ūüė¶ But I’ll make my weekly report…

Monday- Last day in Mokee, it was sad saying bye to the Elders and especially Elder Hogge. I will miss it dearly and hope to return one day!
Tuesday- First day in Naples and it was nuts! It is crazy being the “New Elder” again. But everyone is so nice and I got the sickest new watch from the outlets! (Thank you Grandma Jensen for the gift card) haha
Wednesday- Elder Wilson had meeting up north all day so I was companions with an English Elder named Elder Hubbard, and we just hit it off. The kid is like my best friend and he is such a stud! We helped move this lady and it took forever!! We had activities with the Haitian Youth and I owned them all at Basketball, they were all like “The New Elder is good!” haha My shower down here is like a hurricane… so powerful but at least I’ll be¬†squeaky¬†clean ūüôā
Thursday- Thursday was so sick!! We went knocking for a good 2 1/2 hours and got some really sweet potentials that seem super positive. We then set a date with this Part Member girl named Chantania and she is 11 and super nice. We are hoping to get her baptized on the 2nd of March! Elder Wilson is really good a speaking Creole and teaches very well. We went to see a less-active member but she wasn’t home. Her two little girls are the cutest Haitian girls ever! Oh my goodness, I love them so much! So nice! They said I look like Liam off of One Direction… Yeah thanks Brynn… haha But i’m aware he cut his hair? Does he look as bad as I did??? haha just playing but they fed us haitian Spaghetti and let me tell you… it is horrible! Blah!¬†
Friday- We helped this Member girl named Fritz-Mide with her home work and she is super nice and wants to add Ashton on Facebook, so accept her, she is way nice! Saw a recent convert named Taina and she is only 11 but the smartest little girl! We then had dinner with some spanish members names the Pyaro’s and they cook good! They are super nice as well! We got a sick¬†referral about this guy who is looking for a church to join and wants to meet with us!
Saturday- we played basketball in the morning and the Elders down here are super good. It is good competition! We will play later today too! We then went to the Zoo for my birthday because it is free every first Sat. of the month! I loved it! I love the Tigers and Lions and we got some pics with the¬†Giraffes! Tried to see those potentials but they told us to come back next week, we set a calender with Chantania and we are excited for her! Got my package from my mom and goodness the voice recorder is not that difficult!! haha but It was good to hear everyone’s voices again! I also got Grandma Thomas’ package and I am so thankful for her and her support! I love my supportive family!! I have tons of food now! We met with that sick referral and his name is Nickolas and he is so sweet! Asking tons of questions and just really and awesome guy who will get baptized! We taught him for and hour and a half and he loved it!¬†
Sunday- I turned 20!! Elder Wilson gave me a Haitian Bible and I am super stoked, also the other Elders gave me Yu-Gu-Oh cards!! haha Church was pretty stressful, I had to translate everything!! And in Sunday school this crazy investigator went off on baptisms for the dead and compared it to Voodoo… goodness! Crazy¬†Haitians! tons of people called me for my birthday and that was so nice. People from Mokee and other Elders and President and Sister Summerhays. so it was good to hear from all of them! We had dinner at a Haitian Members house and she fed us for my birthday and gave me a pie and she said because my mom is far away, she will be my mom for now! haha she calls me her son! I love her and it was a good night! Funny to hear about the power outage at the Super Bowl. Who won by the way?? I heard Ravens were owning them.. But I had a great birthday! so thank you all for the birthday wishes and hope you all have a great week!¬†
-Elder Thomas 



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