February 25, 2013…I love being a missionary..

Hello family and friends!! This week has been great and I love being a missionary! I am truly embarked in the service of my God!! And you all contribute to that each and every day through the power of prayer! So thank you!!
Monday- after P-day we taught this member named Fritz-mide about missionary work and it was really powerful, we hope it encouraged her to serve a mission one day!
Tuesday- We woke up super early and cleaned our car in preparation for Zone Conference and then got Mckyd’s breakfast and went to Zone Con. I loved seeing all my old buddies from the other Zone, especially Elder Hogge! I miss that kid, but it was good to see him. We had a great meeting and it was really spiritual and I applied a lot to my work! We found out the new Haitian Missionary is coming out in June and he is actaully Haitian!! So maybe i’ll train him!! We had a great lesson when we came back home and commited three of our investigators to baptism! We are so excited for the future here and we are doing great!
Wednesday- emailing was good and heard some great news from my parents! Love them 🙂 except they do all the cool, fun things while i’m gone… lame! haha just playing I love them! We continue to keep Chantania strong with her baptism this saturday. And some members picked us up for Dairy Queen and it was so good! haha
Thursday- We live with the two Spanish Elders for right now and one of them, Elder McDougal made us some bomb Mexican food! I need to learn how to cook! This less-active lady had us come over and she started giving us all this advice on how to save money and gave us these coupons, she is awesome! We went knocking and the last door we knocked was this Black lady and her two sons, we left the Savior’s peace and blessing in their home and it was powerful! We had a lesson with the Dezire family on repentance and it went really well!
Friday- Biking this week has been the death of me.. it is so blasted hot and we bike so far. not to mention all of our plans fell through! Elder Wilson got really sick and I am starting to recover but that hurt the work this week. We went knocking and didn’t find anyone but we talked to this Athiest guy, oh m. Funniest thing! He was all like, you guys aren’t going to get anywhere with me, i’ll just be (blank blank blank) to you guys.. haha he did comment on how beautiful the archititure of the temples were. hahaha crazy guy! Chantania chose me to baptize her which will be really awesome! We are so excited for her!!
Saturday- Weplayed b-ball in the morning and it went well! We biked all day and we have to bike some scary roads, there is tons of contruction and sometimes i feel like we are going to get hit! haha we are careful though! We taught this girl named Sophie and she is positive and awesome! Then we went to aduly session of Stake Conference where we heard from an Area 70 named Fred A. Parker. He is this huge black guy who teaches like a baptist preacher! He is hilarious and a great teacher. He talked a lot about families and family prayer and how important that is! So have family prayer together as often as possible!!
Sunday- Great Sabbath Day and Stake Conference was bomb, but translating was hard! haha We had dinner with the senior couple, the Browers. I miss american food! It was good and we talked a lot about the work. Sister Brower is like our mom, she is so awesome! Then we went to another members house for a second dinner. I was so stuffed!! We watched this little Q’s and A’s with Elder Holland and he talked a lot about missionary work and it hit hard! I love being a missionary, nothing better then this!! We rode in the members car home, a red convetable mustang! so sick!! haha we attended a baptism for this 8 year old boy in the Naples ward and I just thought of little Hayden getting baptized soon! Agh! I miss her so much!! We gave a sister missionary a blessing and it was spiritual and powerful! Love the Priesthood! Welp, I did it again… buzz cut! haha I am doing it ever 6 months of my mission, just to change things up!! Haha I love it 🙂 sorry if ya’ll don’t 🙂 haha And I found out that our new mission president coming in July is Mark Cusick… Kalvin’s uncle! I went to school with all his kids, so I am so excited!! I hope he remembers me, when we lived in the little orange house on the hill, he was our Stake President! It’ll be great!!
Have a wonderful week and I love you all. Pray for you all daily and I appreciate all of your prayers. Things are beautiful down here in Florida because The Lord loves this work! Let us serve our God and feel the love of our Savior!!
-Elder Dallen Thomas

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