February 20, 2013…I think I’ll just stick to sports..


Sorry for not emailing on Monday, it was Presidents day and then we had a Zone Conference all day yesterday. It went really good and it was very spiritual and we didn’t get ripped a new one! haha Thankfully all the disobedient missionaries have gone home and left the south! We found out yesterday the new Haitian missionary will be actually Haitian and he comes out in June. I have a good chance at training him! 
Monday- Our car broke down and we were stuck at our house after P-day. so lame!!
Tuesday- Me and Wilson played catch with the baseball for a little then tried to get our car jumped and our neighbor is Born-Again Christian and was talking to us about God. He was so animated and raising his voice and just being outrageous. He is a great guy and he loves Christ but he thinks the Book of Mormon is useless and that all we need to do is accept Christ and we are saved…… yeah right. then life would be too easy. haha he wouldn’t let me get a word in edge-wise and it was frustrating but it’s all good! I know I would have owned him if he would have let me testify! haha but after he tried to jump it our car got even more worse. The new Senior Couple think that we are starving and are like some charity fund so she gave us 20$ to order Chinese Food. We taught a lesson with these 3 kids and they loved it! They are super positive and we are hoping to set a date with all three of them soon! 
Wednesday- I woke up so sick! I have the worst head cold it stinks sooo bad! I learned how to play chess after District meeting and got so close to winning! I think i’ll just stick to sports.. 🙂 I went on an exchange with Elder Rodriguez and we knocked some doors. We knocked into this 18 year old from Kentucky named Thalia and at first we were flipping out because she was wearing some immodest clothing and she was so welcome to let us in. But we went in and left the Saviors Peace and Blessing in her house and when we finished she was crying and kept thanking us. She told us her life story and how she is on her own and she has a baby and her boyfriend left them, so sad! She said that that morning she had been praying and she sent out a mass-text to her friends and family to pray for her as well and then we showed up! Such a spiritual experience and I know she will accept our message. The sisters are going to teach her because she is in their area. 🙂 we’ll see what happens! We then ate dinner at a Spanish members home and the little girls kept taking pictures of me because “I look like JB.” goodness!! 
Thursday- Valentines day and my 11th month mark! Crazy! We sat under the gas station roof and waited the rain out. It rained ALL day… such a cold rainy day! We almost died because Elder Rodriguez has only been driving for a year!! But we got our car back from the shop. Our lesson fell through so I went on a split with Elder James (the greenie) 🙂 and we taught this member girl and she gave us a Haitian referral! Then me and Elder Wilson made hot chocolate 🙂
Friday- I was the sickest on Friday 😦 We taught some little kids and they had some crazy questions! Haitians teaching their kids false doctrine… go figure! haha Taught Chantania and she is way excited for her baptism! And her mom fed us some bomb Haitian food! We went to the Spanish ward’s V-day party and it was fun, we set an appointment with that Haitian referral.
Saturday- I could barley breathe when I woke up! Goodness, I hate being sick! Elder McDougal and Elder Rodriguez the Spanish elders moved in with us… blah! They are looking for a new place, so hopefully they are out in a week.We played some b-ball and that did not help my sickness 😦 We had a branch party and it was a bust.. no one came 😦 and it was freezing! The wind was blowing way hard and it was cold! We left and went to out investigators basketball game, she is in 7th grade and it was good to support her. Her and her mom and sister are so positive! Then a member that lives in Ft. Myers and loves Elder Wilson drove down and took us out to eat. Then we attended a Baptism for this lady that wanted Elder Wilson to baptize her and our whole zone was there! all 18 of us sang for her and it was way powerful. Then we got Dairy Queen and my blizzard was soooo good!… didn’t help my cold though 😦 
Sunday- I had to translate all Sunday school, which is fine because my Creole is improving but it is so hard!! We taught this girl named Sophie for the first time and soft committed her to be baptized. she is was sweet! We are excited for her! Took a nap and felt pretty good after, still a little sick. We taught that Haitian referral and her names is Adiane and she is awesome! We are excited for her too. it was 43 degrees in the morning sooo cold! man, i am going to die when I get back to Utah! 
Good week filled with the Spirit and this week is started off to a good start too, except Elder Wilson is sick now 😦 we have a lot of people who could have potential dates that we are excited for! I love you all and I am so happy to have the love and support from all of you. May God bless you for your continual prayers in behalf of me and this wonderful work. Have a great week!! 
-Elder Thomas 



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