February 11, 2013…”bike week”..



Hello family and friends!! This week has been great and I survived a huge. long “bike week”!! I don’t have my journal today to remind me of all the things I did this week but i’ll try my very best to remember!

Tuesday- The new senior couple took us out to lunch at Olive Garden and it was so good! We told them a little about Haitian culture and what they would be dealing with… I think we scared them.. hahaha they’ll be ok! We are just thankful for their help down here! We taught Chantania to keep her progressing towards baptism and then taught this family. A mom and two girls. It was so spiritual and they loved it! They asked great questions and are really interested. They have gone to every church you can think of, so the Lord has truly prepared them in receiving our message! We then taught this 16 year old girl named Landy and she is solid too! We got 4 new investigators and it was legit!!
Wednesday- We sat in Zone Meeting for 3 1/2 hours and it was sooooo boring. Elder Wilson is the DL and his training was the best one. haha. Then we taught this less-active lady and named Guetti and her two daughters are sooo cute!! Their names are Maria and Dorthy! We ate some food over there too. 
Thursday- We weekly planned then knocked this apartment complex with the Spanish Elders. It was fun and we got to leave the Saviors peace and blessing upon this Pentecostal lady’s house and she was crazy! Asking us all these questions, told me I need more experience haha just funny to hear her views… (being over powered by the spirit, they often shake and fall the the ground repeatedly) goodness! Then we had a bomb lesson at an investigators house named the Dezire’s. They got ex-communicated in Haiti and are now trying to get re-baptized (longest process) But they had tons of questions on the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong! P.S I love teaching in Creole, the spirit is so strong when everyone can understand and are feeling the same thing!
Friday- We taught this guy named Bernard but he basically hated us and wouldn’t look at us the whole lesson 😦 we then biked all the way out to who knows where to teach this member named Landy. (different Landy haha) She was super shy and the lesson was awkward but it was good to become acquainted with her so she can stay active! Then helped Fritz-Mide with math and she said she added Ashton or something on FB, so Ashton needs to accept it! She is a sweet girl! We then ate at a Spanish Members house and they bought me a cake to celebrate my birthday! So nice!!
Saturday- We taught Chantania again and she is way excited for her baptism on March 2nd but she doesn’t want her dad to baptize her! weird! haha Then we taught “Investigator Landy” and it was a powerful lesson. She is interested and we are hoping to get her to church soon or activities! We then went on an exchange with the Spanish Elders. I went to dinner with Elder McDougal at a members house and they were so nice! We had some fried chicken! It was bomb. For some reason I am soooo hungry all the time!! Hopefully I don’t get fat 😉 
Sunday- Craziest day!! So I’m preparing our sacrament and a lady walks by that I think I recognize. I hurry and went into the chapel where the English people meet and sure enough I knew her! It was Elder Nick Clearwater’s mom! Small world huh?? Her and her husband are down here playing golf for the weekend! It was so good to see her and I think she said she was going to call my mom to tell her she saw me! Nuts huh?? Church was again crazy and we have this guy who just argues with everyone and bashes their testimonies. It is dumb and we have to un-invite him. On the bright-side, Our new investigators (the family) The Louis Family came to church and loved it!! They want to come every week! Such a blessing! No one was home so we ended up going to the Pier and it was beautiful! It was too dark to get pictures but we’ll go back soon. Naples is so pretty! The houses are huge and the cars are so expensive! I am surrounded by wealth but work with the un-wealthy… which is ok!! Because Haitians are bomb and I love them! I fasted for succession in the new area and promised the Lord I would do better on my Language Study and I am already seeing my language improving and seeing miracles! all of my dreams are in Creole.. weird huh?? Nah, pretty sick actually haha!! 
I hope all is well for all of you! I pray for each of you and know the Lord blesses you. I feel the comfort of all your prayers as well and I know I am protected each day. I love and miss you all. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! And have a beautiful week! 
-Elder Dallen Thomas 



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