December 31, 2012….chased by dogs – again :)


This past week was beautiful and bright! We will start with last Monday on Christmas eve! We played football like usual and I never lost I went 4-0 and it was so much fun! We came home and gave this family blessings, I was privileged enough to give the 11 year old boy a blessing and it was so spiritual. As I offered the blessing I felt the love Heavenly Father had for that little boy. He has a case of ADHD and is very hyper and sometimes gets on everyone’s nerves, But that all didn’t matter anymore because Heavenly Father loved him and he is so special to Him. I have grown a strong relationship with the little boy and He has the biggest heart! I called my family to set up a skype time and my Grandpa Jensen didn’t even know who he was talking to… joke. he asked me if I was the missionary…. yeah… THE ONLY missionary on both sides.. well, I have been for 9 months and I am so excited to share the field with my cousin Tayler!! She is so awesome! But I caught my family off guard but it was awesome! They sounded so great! I loved it!!
Tuesday- Christmas!!! We opened presents and I got 8 new ties!! record! haha but I enjoyed all my gifts and I am so thankful for everyone that supports me and prays for me! I appreciate all the love! Thank you!! We ate breakfast and lunch at a members house and then Elder Hogge got really sick and then we traveled to Lehigh where we would Skype and eat dinner. Best part of my day by far!! Seeing my family was so legit and I loved it so much! It has been along 9 months and so great to see them and talk to them again.! I was a little disappointed as their internet was lagging and my vision of them was fuzzy and pix-elated.. so lame! But I was happy with what I got! They were all so beautiful and so happy. I think I smiled the whole time!! I miss them and that was a wonderful Christmas present. I also got to talk to my sweet nieces and sister-in-law along with my brother (bubba) so awesome! I miss them as well! The little girls are so cute! It is crazy I anticipated Christmas so much and now it is over, kinda sad but it is now time to get back to work. I had a wonderful Christmas though! So fun!! 
Wednesday- I started to feel sick and I was NOT going to get sick again, I just ate and I felt better! haha I study Meekness and found that it is overlooked in the scriptures and that that quality is essential for salvation. I am striving to be more meek as I invite all of you to do as well. We then watched the Restoration with two different sets of investigators and that went well, then it started to pour rain to we came back home. President Summerhays called us that night and asked us if we were doing “something illegal?”  We were all confused and then came to a conclusion it must have been us feeding the bears… He then informed us that there is nothing wrong with that and we should be taking more photos and videos of them! haha he is the man!!
Thursday- We got a call from a member to go give this black lady a blessing and she wasn’t specific on her address so we drove around all of Immokalee trying to find this lady!! It was so much fun, we knocked on like 5 doors asking if Philous lived there… haha!! But it was good to finally find her and give her a blessing as she was really suffering. We ate at Pa Bliye’s and she was in pain as well, we offered her a blessing as well and it was way spiritual. But she fed us so much that I seriously had to lay down or I was going to throw up everything. luckily, I didn’t 🙂 We got a new investigator named Madanm Joseph and she is legit! She is feeding us this Wednesday! 
Friday- Story of my life…. getting chased by dogs! Holy Cow, I am sick of that adrenaline rush every time I hear some barking then some huge dog basically on my leg! Goodness!! also story of my life.. planning then NO ONE being home!! haha but we taught some good lessons on Friday and I ate an otter pop… it is the end of December and they are still selling otter pops here.. yeah it’s still hot!! haha the same family we gave blessings to on Monday fed us on Friday night and they totally judged me of my knowledge of the NFL! How lame!! I love football and even when I can’t watch it i’m still smart enough to know when it is week 16.. get over it!! haha 
Saturday- Longggg day with bike tire problems again.. My tire went flat and I had to pump it up 8 times throughout the day. lame sauce! We watched the Restoration with another investigator and it was way awesome, she just has a hard time coming to church!! We have this little boy we are teaching named Pierre and he is so positive! I hope we can progress with him! Oh yeah, and I almost ran over another mexican! goodness.. move! haha just playing.
Sunday- Man, I am seriously convinced that the Branch would not function if we weren’t there.. I have now said the opening prayer in sacrament for 5 weeks straight. I don’t mind that at all but it is another thing when some cell phone goes off while I’m praying and it’s some Pastor preaching, “Are you saved??… Has Jesus saved you..??” wow!! and then during sacrament I had to set up translation equipment because no one else know how! But you know, I love it.. I think it is so awesome they rely so much on us, that is the way it should be. We are young and able and we wear Christs name over our hearts, so we should do everything they ask! I taught combined YM and YW about missionary work and service and it went beautifully well. The spirit taught them and it was exactly what they needed to hear. I am proud to be an instrument in my Father in Heaven’s hands. He is truly preparing me for the future and everything I am going through is teaching me a lesson and I am glad of heart to learn and to accept His will. It is difficult but over time I will succeed! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and it works, It heals souls and mends hearts. I will be studying more fully the enabling power of the Atonement. Thank you all again so much for your support and love. I am proud to have such wonderful people in my life to help me keep going! Have a great week!
-Elder Dallen Thomas ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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