December 24, 2012

Merry Chrsitmas!!!!…..Eve!!

Well we will jump right into it starting on Tuesday, Me and Elder Hogge put together our Christmas packages and sent them off, I hope you like the Haiti bracelets and Mokee shirts! We had lunch at a members house and the little girl can’t speak English but she was pounding on the bathroom door and crying and saying in Spanish she is going to pee her pants, it was hilarious! And I received 3 packages! solid day!
Wednesday, goodness I loved Wed. Elder Hogge had a district leader meeting and was gone the whole day so I had to go hang out with Elder Stegall (my trainer) and Elder Elliott (my MTC comp.) up in Ft. Myers. We went to the Edison House which is Thomas Edison’s and Henry Ford’s estate in Ft. Myers, it is where Thomas Edison created the light-bulb. So legit! I took lots of pictures and it was a very educational, I loved it! We taught one of their investigators and I did the first vision in Creole and she started crying, fist time I’ve made a Haitian cry! It was so spiritual!! Then we came back to Immokalee and the Ramirez’s gave us all presents and I got a way sick new tie! I got 2 more packages too:)
Thursday, I woke up really sick and my cold is back 😦 I made a map of Haiti and I am making tallies of where Haitian are from, it’ll be great!! I got 2 more packages and I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Thomas! I love them soooo much!! We tried to teach this lady named Annet but she went off on our church and hates our members, she likes us though and told us to come back Friday.
Friday, Welp, the world didn’t end! Goodness, people are idiots! Seminary was so sick as we just had a party and ate and I received an Immokalee High School t-shirt. Sister Ramirez gave me and a hug and in her broken English said, I love you Elder Thomas. So legit!! We taught this lady named Pa Bliye and she gave us food. She started bawling because while we were there she received a letter from her son that is on a mission and it was so sad! I just taught of my mom and me and Hogge started to get teary-eyed too. We watched the “Restoration” 3 times that day too with investigators. I got another package and a letter from my awesome cousin who just got baptized!! We found out that Lone Peak is ranked #1 in the nation in basketball and was playing in a tournament in Tampa. They lost in the finals though. 
Saturday, it was sooo cold!! And I am so sick! It stinks 😦 We taught this lady named Chasline and she is legit, she asks us all these way good questions and we asked her to be baptized but she said she needs to get prepared more. We are excited for her! Then we picked back up this girl I contacted into my first week in the mission, she seems way positive! Best part about the day was getting 2 more packages and getting my voice recorder from my family!!! oh my goodness I loved it so much and seriously cried when I heard their voices and we had a great time recording them back! The Hogge got chased by this huge dog! soo funny!! Played some Volleyball and the sand was so cold, but it was a lot of fun! I seriously have like 20 presents and I am the only one who got presents, I hope I’m not the only one opening stuff on Christmas morning. 
Sunday, stressful, stressful, stressful. We got a lot of presents and groceries from the branch though and that was nice! We took presents to these little Haitian boys and sand in Creole then they fed us some way good soup called bouyon. Yep that was all that happened on Sunday! I am stoked to call tomorrow and hopefully Skype, actually if I don;t Skype i’ll be legitimately mad!! haha Have a Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all and pray for all of you! 
-Elder Dallen ThomasImageImageImageImage

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