December 17, 2012

Hello! Goodness the weeks are cruising by and I am so excited for next week to skype my family! But I will tell you about the week!

Monday night to Tuesday Morning I had the worst nights sleep! Seriously it was lightning and thundering ALL night! Oh my I heard the lightning touchdown right outside my window, it was so scary and the thunder shook our house! Me and Elder Olschefski went on exchanges for a couple days and I call him “The Chef” haha he is a Creole missionary and is way funny! He loves Dungeons and Dragons. He is crazy awesome hahaha! Not a lot of people were home on Tuesday so we basically just biked all day, it was not fun! 
Wednesday- We had a mission-wide Christmas Conference up in Tampa, it was a blast! Got to see all the missionaries and past friends, it was way sweet! Elder Hogge played the Violin in the program and did an awesome job! The mission President gave us all personalized temple card holders. They are so cool and i’ll use it the rest of my life! We went to Chilies after and it was so fun! 
Thursday- Seminary has gone really good this week and the kids love it! I got mail Thursday and i was so happy!! My mommy sent a package and I got mail from my sweet Grandma Jensen! And funny story.. My mom taught that my companion is from Arizona and he is from Alpine.. goodness!! Aunt Lisa made a pillowcase for a cowboy and Elder Hogge isn’t from there! hahaha!! We taught the First Lesson with Pa Bliye and it was so spiritual, we are so happy for her progression! Pray for her! We knocked into a Haitian lady who has cancer and we blessed her house and we are hoping she is positive! So sad, there was a murder-suicide of these two high school students and one of them was a pretty cheerleader and she was friends with a girl in our Branch. Plus that Conn. shooting makes me cringe, I am so sick of people taking others lives by bullets! But I love the Plan of Salvation and those little kids are swallowed up in the loving grace of our Savior. We will all put on immortality one day and it is only because of the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ. We played Volleyball that night and it was kinda lame!
Friday- 9 months!! The Immokalee High School football team played in the state championship and they lost 20-21 because their QB tried to be a hero. Some mexicans let us watch the final seconds of the game! We then had a great night watching Mormon Messages about Christmas at a Part-Members house. We taught a man named Kanol and his two twin sons, such a sick lesson and I hope they continue to meet with us and come to church! 
Saturday- We had transfer calls, and I am staying in Immokalee for 6 more weeks!! So stoked, but I will probably leave at the end of January. We are still working with Jean, Jean and Neverson and we hope they can get baptized soon, their mom just needs to let them! Mari fed us some bomb Haitian food and we read in the Book of Mormon with her. We knocked into another Haitian lady and she just got here from Haiti so hopefully she’ll be pretty positive! The Branch Christmas party was alright! We had to sing Angels We Have Heard On High like on the spot and it was the best performance! Plus I have the sweetest Christmas tie with all these candy canes all over it! My favorite holiday candy!!
Sunday- Me and Elder Hogge fasted yesterday because we need a baptism this transfer and we need to purify ourselves all little more! I translated in Sacrament and I am understanding Creole a lot more! I can’t wait to speak to all of you! Since we were fasting, we ease the pain by not eating by taking Sunday naps! The best thing ever! We ate dinner at a members house and played some fun little games where we poured water on each other.. goodness! I read a lot in the Book of Mormon last night and I loved it so much! It is so powerful and I am so grateful for the Atonement and Resurrection in my life! Let us all cleave to the teachings of the Book of Mormon and apply them to our lives! I pray that you all will have a wonderful week and I know that you are all watched and protected! I love you and Merry Christmas! Next time I write will be x-mas eve!! 
-Elder Thomas 

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