November 26, 2012 – Bears in Florida?

November 26, 2012


This week has been wonderful and horrible all jammed into one!! Last Monday night we went to a members soccer game and it was so fun and so cold!! It is only like 55 degrees but still, it was freezing!! I am going to die when I get home! Tuesday we were in Zone Conference all day and it was really awesome, it was centered on the Doctrine of Christ and I bore my testimony on those 3 girls we had to drop last week and it was really spiritual! Wednesday we made our Christmas card and it was way fun but then my allergies kicked it and I got so sick. I had to take Benadryl. And it knocked me out for the rest of the day, I was so sick!  It was horrible. When I woke up, we had a lesson with the Searc girls and committed them all to baptism on the 16th of December!  We are so excited for them!! Then we went and played volleyball with some members and it was a blast! It was us 4 missionaries verse these members and they were so good!  But of course we still won!  So being way sick, I still played and on Thursday morning I still played in the Turkey Bowl. It was so much fun!! Elder Hogge was freaking out because he didn’t want me to hurt my foot again. But I was fine and our team played really well! I had a couple pick-six’s!  Man I miss football.  Then a member came and picked us up in Immokalee and took us to Naples for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good to have turkey and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving but it wasn’t that good, I miss Dad’s food and my families hospitality.  But I was thankful to have a good traditional dinner. We then played Crochet and it was way fun! Then we went to another members house in Naples for another dinner and played tennis and volleyball again. It was a lot of fun and a really awesome Thanksgiving! Woke up on Friday morning and my whole body just ached and I was still so sick! Went and taught the 3 girls we have baptismal dates with and they told us that they are attending another church on Sunday and we were so upset!! Haitians just don’t understand the significance of the Restoration! Oh my they better get baptized, we are seeing them tomorrow and showing the Joseph Smith, Restoration movie!  Pray for them!! There has been a carnival in Immokalee this whole week and everyone has been going to that and it was hard to teach lessons!  Saturday I made some bomb french toast and then we made our Christmas cards at Walgreen’s, I will be sending those out this next week so I need addresses!!  We found out one of our investigators who is a high school student is pregnant!  Goodness!!  We’ll still work with her though! That lady we bought clothes for last week said they didn’t fit and that she wasn’t coming to church again!  So dumb!!  Taught a lesson with a lady named Rita and her two little boys are so funny, I played cards with them, only bad thing is that Rita is sooo not positive, but I love her kids!  Hopefully they can make it out to church next week! Sunday once again was my favorite day and for Sunday School, I had to get on the kids about obedience because they were being so disrespectful. And one girls mom even pulled her aside and yelled at her for me! It was so awesome, so please Ashton and Brynn and or whoever reads this, pay attention to your Sunday School teachers! They are called by Heavenly Father to teach you and they are only there to benefit you! So listen to them!! Then the same little boy I got to baptized, Kervens. I had the wonderful opportunity to give him the Priesthood yesterday and I loved it so much! I am so happy to have helped this little boy grow in the gospel! We taught this Haitian family that are members but they are struggling way bad, the Relief Society President came over with us and the family just broke down and were crying and we all just bore our testimonies on faith and staying strong and it was really spiritual and I talked about Tithing and how it has affected my life and I am so thankful for the opportunity to give Tithing! Everything is Heavenly Fathers, 1/10 of what we have is nothing.  We are so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who doesn’t want the whole 100%. All he asks, is for us to keep His commandments and He will pour out blessings upon us. A great scripture I love is Alma 36:3 🙂 Alma 36 and 37 are awesome, please read them!! As we biked home like always I rode right up to the drive way and almost peed my pants…!  Two huge black bears were in our front yard!!  Oh my goodness I was freaking out and my heart skipped a beat. I ditched my biked and hurried inside. We then spent the whole night feeding and taking pictures of these beasts!  They were coming right up to our house window and it was crazy!  We named them.. The bigger one is Mamba which is peanut butter in Creole and the smaller one is Miel which is honey in Spanish. Oh my goodness it was crazy! They started to wrestle and play around and it was hilarious! I felt like I was at the zoo but in our front yard!! They live in the forest behind our house, so basically we have pet bears! wow!! Crazy ending to a crazy sick week! I am still sick, so please pray that I can regain my health! I love you all so much! Have a great week!!


Our cold night!

Our cold night!

Richie and Whitney, playing cards!

Richie and Whitney, playing cards!

The bear eating our peanut butter!

The bear eating our peanut butter!


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