November 12, 2012

Dtroyt 239Hello!

What another beautiful week in the mission field! Time is flying but things are going great! I am freaking out that I am already spending my first Thanksgiving here in just a week! Last Tuesday we all drove up to Tampa to go get Elder Avila’s new missionary. Oh my goodness, this kid is a spitting image of the Elder off of the Best Two Years. The new guy who comes in and doesn’t know what the heck is going on. We mess with him so much. He looks and acts exactly like that guy off the movie, Kirby I think his name is. We played this joke on him that Elder Hogge can only speak French and Creole. It was hilarious! We didn’t break it to him until Wednesday Night. Coming back from Tampa we got stuck in traffic for 4 hours and it was horrible! We got back to Immokalee and helped this Spanish Investigator move. She lives in a trailer it was so sad! Then I gave a blessing to this lady in our ward who is pregnant and is going through a rough time. It was good! Elder Hogge stayed in Ft. Myers so all Wednesday I had to hang out with the Newbie and Elder Avila. I was a little more then upset to hear about the Presidential Decision on Wednesday morning.  Goodness our country is done. wow!!  It is whatever though.  I finally rode my bike for the first time in 7 weeks and it was so nice to get back on it!  Me and Elder Hogge got started teaching on Thursday and things just fell into place!  We gave Josie (the little baby I blessed) a blessing because she was hospitalized for a couple days because lack of water in her body.  so sad!!  Then we had dinner at a members house and this little girl is totally crushing on me, I looked in her notebook for school and she writes my name all the time. It is hilarious!  But Friday was so sweet!  Hogge bought Christmas lights for our bedroom and then we put them up on Saturday!  Our room looks so sick!!  I love Christmas!  And I have converted to loving Christmas music! We taught this new girl named Kahdijah and she is way positive and asked us how she can become a member! Only problem she lives with her boyfriend and she is only 18.. so we will still work with her! We were hanging out with some members and these Haitian girls were struggling with their groceries and I asked to help so we took their groceries inside. They were like, sit down, teach us. We began and they love it! 4 sisters all living in one house, they just barely came here from Haiti and one sister basically told us she wants to be a member!  We were truly blessed with them and I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who answers prayers.  I pray every day that people will be placed in our paths so that we can teach them and these 4 sisters were such a blessing!  Then we went to another investigators house and the mom made us some bomb food!  But the only bad thing, is Haitian homes smell so bad. All my clothes just reek!  I feel like when I hug my mom after 2 year she is going to say I stink so bad!!  But Friday was a good day for us! Saturday was even better! Got another new Investigator names Jouva, he is an elderly Haitian man and he was going off on something and we taught he was mad at us. But then he asked us if we were Jehovah’s witnesses and we were like no, we are Mormon missionaries. And he got so happy and wants us to teach him more!! So positive!! Then we got a referral from a Haitian member to go meet her friend. Her name is Chasline and she is so positive!! We soft committed her to be baptized and she said once she visits our church and prepares she will be ready!! So awesome!! Only bad thing is she also lives with a man that she is not married to, so we will figure it out, we go and visit her tonight. Her house is so sad! It is basically just a kitchen. She is so humble though! So 7 new investigators this week!! We were so happy!!  I had a prayer in my heart and I just testified and I wasn’t scared. They were so intimidated by me and I basically put them into their place. It hurt my heart to see how Satan has gotten a hold of so many people. it is so sad. Then we taught a guy named Kanol and he wants to come to church way bad and he loves what we do and he has a family so we hope they progress too! Sunday’s are so stressful but I didn’t had to teach! I got to sit in on Sunday School in Creole for the first time and I loved it so much!! I hope I can do that more. Then we had dinner at a Haitian Members house and they fed us fish, it was so sick, it had so many bones in it and i was discussed!  And again my clothes just stunk! Then we went to a Spanish Members home for another dinner and they were watching Charly the movie and we had to leave or i’d cry haha! We had a fun night last night as the Newbie told us his life story and we are trying to break him out of his shell! I love you guys and I am so happy with the work! We are blessed and as long as we use the Atonement properly and keep the light in our eyes. Pray for our Investigators! You are all prayed for and I know that you are watched and protected! Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Thomas


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