December 3, 2012

It is December!! Can you believe it!! I love this time of year so much!! I just can’t wait for Christmas! A time where we can focus on the birth of our Savior and rejoice in His perfect life! This week was long and usually I bring my journal and write from things out of it but I forgot it this morning, so I will do my best to remember! Tuesday we had a Creole Conference with the Mission President and we talked about planning and we discussed how in the next six months we could open a new area which is up north! I’ll be one of the oldest missionaries by then and have a great chance of going up there with my trainee and opening this area! But those are just hopes right now! That’s be awesome! Wednesday we had a Haitian member go with us to some appointments and we taught this really spiritual lesson with our investigator Richard. He is so solid but he goes to Haiti in a month and will be back in January, so we will pick him back up then. Thursday we taught our new investigator and another investigator was there and was just testifying of our church and it was so awesome! we then went to a members house and ate, then they invited us to a little dance performance for their daughter and it turned into this huge school assembly where the parents just got yelled at for the way they raise their kids, it was hilarious. I met the principal and he is from Denver and he was all like, anytime you want a ride to Colorado you can come with me. Obviously he didn’t catch the part where I said I was serving my church for 2 years. haha but he was a way nice guy! Then we tried to play some volleyball but couldn’t get a ball and ended up playing basketball with some of the Spanish Elders investigators. First time I got on the court in 3 1/2 months!! I loved it and I score 9 of our 11 points and we won 🙂 haha it was a blast! Friday we just visited recent converts and that family who has a baptismal date. It was such a good lesson, we taught about The Word of Wisdom and they were just agreeing and thought it was awesome. We taught them some English and it was just so fun. they are solid! Some members wanted us to go to the High School football game and we couldn’t. This team though is now going to the State Championship and they are just legit but Timpview would own them it is hilarious, they are just this little 2A school. One of our In-Active members is one of the best on their team, it is sad he hates the church now. He got a full-ride to Virginia. But Saturday we helped this family with their x-mas tree and they have this little demon daughter and she was hitting me in the head with basically a brick and I couldn’t do anything! Goodness! haha But We then went to a party for these 2 twins in our branch. They are only 1 years old and their family probably spent well over 500$ for their party. it was ridiculous! We went to remind the family with the Baptismal dates that church was the next morning and their older sister was like, they don’t like your church, they don’t ever want to go back. And my heart just broke, crushed me so bad. one of the girls was like, yeah I don’t like how you worship and I don’t like the songs you sing. We were so sad and just left their house. We went from having 3 baptisms to 0 in 10 minutes, it was so sad. We went to a members house and Elder Hogge got on Mormon Messages and played this video on trials and it just hit me. I started to weep and knew that this trial in my life was only but for a small moment and that God has a plan for everyone, even me. I can’t get down on myself for serving the Lord and success doesn’t come through baptisms, it comes through your diligence and effort to get through those trials. this mission is truly shaping who Heavenly Father wants me to become. I am so sad they are not getting baptized and that they love their Baptist church more, but i have faith, they will accept it one day. Haitians just don’t understand, their hearts are hardened and it makes me sad. But it helps me to work harder. Sunday again was a re-fuel day where we had a beautiful sacrament testimony meeting. Basically our Branch President on the Haitian side bore is testimony on my blessing I gave him and that no medication healed him or made him feel better but after my blessing, he felt so much better and he was so thankful for the Priesthood. Again, I was an instrument in the Lords hands and miracles were wrought by the power of the Priesthood. I was also happy that day to have a better class in Sunday school and they paid attention! haha We had dinner at 3 members houses yesterday it was crazy! And one of them is a huge Denver Bronco fan and he knew I loved them so he invited us over right when it started, what a punk!! haha Thankfully we didn’t stay too long and I wasn’t sucked into the game, but I do have to say, Peyton Manning is unreal. I am blown away. anyways! haha Yesterday was good and I am excited for this up-coming month! It’ll be great! I love you all! Thank you for your support!

-Elder Thomas



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