December 10, 2012


Kinda a bummer today, I get on the computer and I didn’t have 1 email. Goodness, I didn’t think I’ve been out that long.. it’s all good I totally understand everyone’s busy schedule! Well, I woke up this morning at 5:30 am because our youth in our branch hate their seminary teacher and I got it approved to teach them seminary, so today was my first day and it went really well. I just love teaching and it helps me to understand the Bible a little more. But last week went really well, it went by fast and it was productive. Last Monday me and Elder Waite went on exchanges and I love this kid so much! He is like my best friend on the mission. He lives an 1 hr away from St. George and me and him are going to hang out all the time when we go home. So he was with me all Tuesday and we taught Khadajah the Plan of Salvation and committed her to be baptized and she said yes! She said she always feels the spirit when we go over and that she wants to continue to meet with us and come to church. But she does live with her boyfriend and is due in April with her baby. So hopefully we can work out the kinks and she can get baptized! In another lesson we taught, it was only in Creole and Elder Waite obviously can’t understand anything so I had to talk and listen way carefully. No joke I understood everything and I was so happy that my Creole is coming along! On the way home, my tire popped and we had to walk all the way home for a good 2 miles, so lame! I taught the lesson at Family Home Evening with this family who judges the missionaries way hard-core. So it was good to own all of them a little and tell them no one is perfect!
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting with all the missionaries in our Zone so about 15 missionaries. We played white-elephant and I got a Justin Bieber dog tag that smells like girl perfume, it was funny! Me and Elder Waite took a picture of Elder Hogge and his mom and wrapped it, it was hilarious! I got some pumpkin-eggnog at wal mart and I am now ready for the holidays! I love eggnog so much! We had lunch with this Haitian lady who her son is serving a mission in Boston, but she isn’t a member and the lesson was so spiritual and she started to cry, first Haitian I have seen cry in a lesson on my mission. She misses her son so bad and he’s only been gone 3 months, so I kinda feel for you mom!! I miss you too ūüė¶ Then we had¬†actives at the church and we tried practicing for the Christmas Caroling. Everyone was yelling and arguing it was horrible and I had to offer a prayer to lighten the mood. Goodness! haha
Thursday we had a conference call for all the Elders in the mission and our Mission President and he told us because of the increase in missionary work, they have to get the missionaries in the MTC out quicker and that everyone serving now goes home a week earlier now. I was¬†originally going to get home March 26th 2014 but now I come home the 19th. Still 5 days after my 2 year mark but that’s ok! No one was home all day so we ate some way spicy Haitian food at a members house. Then we went to follow-up with some potential investigators and the dad was a pastor for another church and he went off on Joseph Smith and was pointing in my face and yelling and just¬†criticizing everything thing about our Church and pulled out his fake bible, it was ridiculous and Elder Hogge was so scared and he had never¬†experienced¬†this before on his mission, so i said a little prayer and just testified to this guy and honestly he just sat down and didn’t know what to say. How thankful I am for the Priesthood. I didn’t need to raise my voice or get in his face, all i needed was the help of the Holy Ghost and to testify of our Savior, Jesus Christ. man, what an¬†experience!
Friday we tried knocking and no one was positive, we are trying to build up our teaching pool again. Taught Barbara and I made orange juice with my bare hands, it was so tight!! I loved it so much they gave us a bag of oranges and I made some again last night! I rained for the first time in like 3 months and we got soaked! It was so fun!
Saturday was pretty legit. No one was home again so we biked to that pastors house again to give the girls another shot because we felt like maybe they would accept it without the pastor there. But it went horrible again! This little Haitian girls maybe 15 or 16 were all over me, telling me to come back and marry them and they got their mom involved and she was all like, you better come back for my daughter and give me white babies. I was flipping out! We left there and are never going back!! The little 15 year old told me I was in her dream and that she knows she is going to marry me…. yeah… keep dreaming! ¬†haha I want a blonde wife:) ¬†Then there was a Christmas Parade in Immokalee and it was at night, it was surprisingly awesome! Our cub scouts did a float too and it was sweet! It was fun to see them and there were so many people!! It started to rain again so we went home. Once the rain stopped we played 2 on 2 sand volleyball and it was so humid so the sand just stuck to us and it was a blast!
Sunday was soooo stressful! Goodness, I

Me and Elder Waite at Mr. Taco

Me and Elder Waite at Mr. Taco

My little Haitian babies

My little Haitian babies

Me and Elder Hogge at the parade

Me and Elder Hogge at the parade

need a Utah ward back in my life haha! The Haitian member who conducts and presides was gone again so I had to preside, so i got the sacrament first! haha it was pretty sick. then I had to speak for 30 minutes in Creole on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well. Those girls we dropped about a month ago, one had a birthday yesterday so we made her a cake and took it to her. Ah! I miss them so much, it was so good to see them but I just wish they would accept our message ūüė¶ Then we went Caroling and it was pretty fun, I had to sing in Spanish because we only visited Spanish Investigators and members.

It has been a good week and I am glad it is the holidays and in 15 days I get to call home, we are all pretty excited about that! I hope you all got my x-mas card, if you would like one, write me and let me know so I can send one before Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to pray! The Lord loves each of you!
-Elder Dallen Thomas



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