October 8, 2012

Hello Family!!

What a beautiful week, how lucky we are to have had the chance to listen to the Prophet of God and his Apostles. I absolutely loved Conference but we will get to that later as we start off the week on Tuesday.. We taught Wilkerson and Kervens (those little boys we baptized my first week here) and they started fist fighting, it was so bad! W

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e didn’t know what to do so we left. The mom was yelling at them so bad! It was crazy! Then we taught Barbara and she is so sweet! She accepted our Baptismal Date for the 21st of October! We are so excited! Our prayers were answered and we are so thankful! Wednesday morning my foot hurt so bad, like the worst ever. agh!! We taught this Haitian lady and she pulls out this satanic book with all these weird pictures of the end of the world, we had to leave fast!! haha We went to the church that evening and sand Christmas songs! haha it was a blast. So Thursday morning was really hard for me, My calf started to hurt and my doctor told me I need to get seen right away and that I might have a blood-clot. I was in doctors appointments all Thursday hoping and praying it was that serious. If I had a blood-clot it would mean surgery and I would have to come home. Thankfully they didn’t find anything but my foot did get worse. I now have to wear a big, black, ugly boot for 4 weeks and use crutches for 2 more weeks. I won’t be able to play basketball or ride a bike or be active on my foot tell December which means I could stay in Immokalee for Christmas. Yeah it was a bummer but I’ll be ok, don’t worry about me:) My day got brighter as Colton Brimhall wrote me and told me my letter inspired him and he is serving a mission now! I am so excited for him!! That is so awesome! We had another really spiritual lesson with Marie and her little sisters and we asked them to be baptized and they said they like their own church 😦 it was a bummer. But we will still work with them!! Friday, we taught this girl and she thinks the Sabbath Day is on Saturday and I owned her with the scriptures and my testimony. She is only 17 and was being a punk, I hope she can snap out of it and come to church! Saturday was legit! Can you believe they switched missions to 18?? crazy stuff, we were all freaking out!! I am excited to get some young guns in here though and to bring fire! It will be good because more young men will serve now and not even have to think about college or stuff! It’ll be great! We weren’t able to watch Priesthood Session because of lack of internet. It was dumb but we watched it yesterday after the last session. I was blessed this week with letters!! 6 letters in all this week, 1 every day! How awesome is that?? haha continue to have people write me! Sunday was stressful because our Branch is so un-organized but we figured it out and Conference was beautiful! I cried during the last session because the opening and closing song reminded me of my mom. I loved the Prophets talk and Elder Holland always kills it!! Great talks! I am sad it is over but we have truly been inspired on high. This conference has really impacted me, I am going to apply some talks into my life and into my work and I will have the faith to receive blessings! I love you all so much! Thank you again for your support and love. I am supported by your love and try my best to share that love with my investigators. I hope you all learned something from conference and apply it into your lives. I love you!!
-Elder Thomas

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