October 22, 2012

Hello Family!

This week was beautiful and very productive! Last Monday we weren’t able to go up to Ft. Myers to email so we stayed in Immokalee, we went to a near by town to go shopping and get out of the house and found this hidden park with a basketball court. I was able to shoot a little and beat everyone in Horse! Haha man, I wish I was feeling better and 100%! I was happy to hear the Broncos beat the Chargers in a comeback win on Monday night! We had interviews with the mission president on Tuesday and mine went really well. I think I am getting transferred to Naples on Nov. 6th but I will keep you all updated! Our car broke and the A/C doesn’t work anymore so Wednesday after district meeting we had to come up to Ft. Myers again to get it serviced. But they said it would take a day to fix so we haven’t had A/C for a week and are finally getting it fixed today so we get a rental car. Wednesday night we had a really spiritual lesson with a Haitian girl who is 16 and she basically told us she only wants us to come over to hang out, blah! She clearly doesn’t understand our purpose. But she comes to church every week! Ah! She is difficult but we will hopefully make progress with her. On Thursday the Zone Leaders came down to do the baptismal interview for Barbara and it was good! Then Barbara’s mom fed us the nastiest Haitian food! It was so gross I had to stop myself from gagging. It is called La Bwi and it is a potato soup with milk and cinnamon all mixed up in a blender. so nasty! Thursday was monumental for me, no crutches anymore for me! It is good to walk on my own now except I still have this dumb boot for another week in a half. Friday the little boys Jean, Jean and Neverson basically told us they want to get baptized on November 4th. We hope their mom says yes!! Taught Babraba again and her family fed us again and finally it was better food, just some chicken! Then we had a wedding reception at our church for this Haitian girl. it was pretty fun! Saturday morning we had a free clothes exchange at our church for non-members and we had a good turn out, no Haitians though all Hispanics. But it was good to give people with nothing some free clothes! Ate again at Barbara’s and it is called May Moulen. It is so good! I loved it! So thankfully they fed us good Haitian food instead of complete crap soup! haha We got 4 new investigators this week as we found some awesome Haitians to teach. This one guy was asking us all these questions about what we can and can’t do as missionaries, it was funny. He was blown away we can’t hang out with girls! It was hilarious! We went over to my favorite members house to say Happy Birthday to the dad. His name is Jim and he loves the Broncos. He got all these nice shirts of the Denver Broncos! The BYU game was on and I saw that they lost 17-14. If i was at home I would have completely been 100% upset. But seeing the score, I wasn’t mad at all… goodness the mission has changed me! 🙂 Sunday was so beautiful and bright. We had a Spanish member bare his testimony on missionaries and it was really spiritual. He loves the missionaries! The Baptism for Barbara was so awesome! Elder Stegall my trainer got to come down to baptize her and i was able to confirm her and give her the Holy Ghost. I was so scared and shaking. This is huge! Through my hands and the Priesthood power of Heavenly Father I would be giving another human being the gift of the Holy Ghost! I was scared but did a good job. I had to do it in Creole and it was so spiritual! I loved it so much!! My night was completed as we went to three different members homes and ate food! Our members here are so awesome. they help us out with so much stuff! If I leave I am going to miss these people! I love my mission so much I am so lucky to have this opportunity to serve the Lord. I am privileged to have the Power of God to perform miracles and help others find their salvation. I miss all of you so much and I appreciate your love and support. Keep praying! You are all prayed for and I love you! And the Lord Loves You!!!    

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