October 15, 2012

So the foot is coming along good. I will be happy to get rid of the crutches this weekend. I really need to get back on a bike! I need to go fast because I don’t have much time to write today. Sorry! Tuesday was alright, we taught some investigators and just had to be bold with them. Haitians just don’t listen! We are just going to focus on the Haitian Children. Wednesday we finally saw Richard and it was good to teach him again. Then we taught Barbara (the one who is getting baptized next sunday) and her cousin who is a member basically just taught her. It was a good break. But my old companion (my trainer) is going to baptize Barbara and she chose me to give her the Holy Ghost! I am so excited! I am a little nervous but so excited. I have to do it in Creole! Pray for me! We have been singing a lot of Christmas songs this week and I love the song “Angels we have heard on high”!!! Bomb song! haha I got my book I ordered from Deseret Book and it is called Return buy Elder Hales. it is such a good book. I ahve enjoyed reading that this week.! Nothings much more happened this week. Me and Elder Hogge got 10 lessons this week with a member present! We we stoked!! Lately we have been way big into puzzles and I bought one of the movie Jungle Book and it is Moglie on Bagira’s back so sick! But I love you all sooooo much! Thank you for your support and love. You are prayed for!

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