October 1, 2012

Hello Family!

This week has been slow but a really good learning experience. If you do not know, last Monday, I was playing basketball and I hurt myself really bad. Tuesday we went to the doctor and got X-rays, My foot is fractured and my ankle is sprained. I have to be on crutches for 2 weeks and won’t be healed for 6 weeks. It has been discouraging and really frustrating. Why did this have to happen to me? I can’t walk and I can barely take showers, everyone has to help me out and wait on me. I have been really upset but Elder Hogge gave me a blessing and I understand that this trial in my life is going to strengthen me. That with the help of my Savior i can get through this and when I am healed, I will be better off then before. I actually thanked Heavenly Father for this trial because He knows and I know I can overcome this. But yes my foot is broke, and yes I am doing ok. so no need to worry! I am still preaching the Gospel like a Champ! haha We didn’t start doing work until Wednesday because Elder Hogge is the District Leader and he had to be in meetings all week. Thursday we taught our investigator Marie and Elder Hogge asked her right then and there to pray about the truthfulness of our message, it was so spiritual!  My whole leg on Thursday night was swollen, it was a bit scary but then it went away in the morning! Friday we taught these 2 new investigators and they are so nice! I am actually getting into more doors with my crutches, all the Haitians are so nice! Then we saw an investigator that had been in Haiti for 4 months, she is so positive and her mom wants her to get baptized as soon as possible. So hopefully we can work with her! She is 13 and her name is Barbara! I love her! Saturday was such a good day! We took these kids to all of our lessons and got tons of member-presents! we had 12 people tell us that they wanted to come to church if we found them a ride! We were so excited!! Taught Marie and her two little sisters and it went well, their dad said yes to church and we are hoping he lets them get baptized too! Lots of things are going good, we have tons of potential baptisms and I am excited for the future! We are working with a kid who is 15 and his whole family is baptized except him, me and him have a special bond and I love him so much, I want to baptize him so bad! we will continue to work with him!! Sunday was a bit stressful, the 12 investigators we were suppose to have at church didn’t show, we only had 5. it was a bummer but that is ok! Fast and Testimony meeting went well though! We went and sat on this kids porch for 2 hours waiting for the Spanish Elders to get done with a lesson, it was ridiculous. But the kid kept updating me on the Broncos game and I was so happy to hear they crushed the Raiders 37-6! They needed that!! We needed to waste some miles and drove around and we found a 5 foot alligator on the side of the road, it got hit and it was dead. So Elder Avila drug is off the side of the rode. it was so cool! I wish I could walk, I wanted to touch it! But this week has been successful, I see the Lord’s hand in my work everyday, I know that he loves me and my investigators and He loves all of you. You are all prayed for and blessed. Thank you so much for all that you do for me!

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 I appreciate the support!

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