November 5, 2012

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Hello!! This week has been eventful and beautiful!! Tuesday I was making some lunch and a spider was on my head and crawled down on my face, I was flipping out!! I didn’t go in the kitchen the rest of the week. Blah!!! gross! We found this new Haitian family and they seem positive and then we also taught this other family and the mom repeated the prayer Elder Hogge said, it was so weird! Halloween was pretty boring for me, we did nothing besides District Meeting and it was way spiritual! We taught Richard and he wants to come to church and get baptized! He drinks beer though so we will teach the Word of Wisdom this week! I am excited for him! Thursday I got my boot off and it is so nice to wear a normal shoe. I still walk with a limp because I have no strength in my leg. I will get better soon and hopefully back on the court!! Friday we cleaned our house and weekly planned. We already had our Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 2nd? what the heck?? It was fun though and lots of people showed up! Saturday was a big day for me, getting the call that i am staying in Immokalee with Elder Hogge for 2 more transfers which puts me here in Mokee for almost 10 months! So stoked! I am so happy I get to stay. But my best bud Elder Evans is leaving and it is sad, i’ll miss him. He is going to the farthest north area in the mission. I’ll never see him 😦  . Then, Filan the one who we gave a blessing too last week went off the deep end. it was so sad. She was at the church and called 911 because she was all drugged up and wants to go to the hospital. The only reason why she wanted to go to the hospital is because she needs a place to stay because she is home-less. it is so sad. we try to help her the best we can. we had another party on Saturday for a little girl in the branch and it was dumb! Good thing we went to another Haitian party right after!! Such good food and such awesome company! Sunday was my favorite day of the week by far. I have been praying every night for an opportunity to serve and that the Lord will put me in places where I can grow and improve. We went to church and this white lady, member from Indiana showed up and asked for a blessing. Me and Elder Hogge gave her a blessing because she is stressed out and is going through a lot right now. She is way old and I had just barely knew her but when I gave her the blessing it was like I knew her and obviously it was Heavenly Father speaking to her through me. She was crying and said thank you so many times, it was way spiritual. Then our Haitian Branch leader got sick and went home and Elder Hogge had to preside over our branch. it was hilarious!! Then the best thing ever happened to me. Barbara’s aunt named Monita is a way strong member in our branch asked me to bless her baby in sacrament! Her name is Josie and she is the cutest thing in the world! And I got to bless her in the church!! Oh my it was so sweet, i loved it so much!! Then we went to eat at a members house and we played a joke that I was leaving and this girl made me this huge good-bye poster and she was crying. But she was happy I am staying!! Then we ate again at that same Haitian members house who went home from church and I gave him a blessing and it was awesome. I gave 3 blessings in 1 day and the Lord was working through me. My testimony of the Priesthood has grown so much and I am so thankful to be a holder of Gods Holy Power. I know that the Priesthood works miracles and that it has been restored today through the Prophet Joseph Smith. How lucky we are to have this in our lives! Let’s share it!! Well family and friends, once again I appreciate everything and I am so happy with this work. I am grateful for a supporting cast back at home. You are all wonderful and prayed for! Thank you and love you!


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