September 24, 2012

Hello!! Family, thank you so much for your support and love, this week was much better, I bounced back and it was a solid week!  I am a little disappointed at the Broncos and the BYU cougars but it’s all good!  Tuesday was good, we spent forever working on my bike again, I have so many problems!  We ate at this Haitians house and no joke it was a mountain of rice and chicken, we call it Diri avek Sospwa, it was so hard to finish and when I did the Haitian lady just started clapping and saying good job. So funny!!  Then we ate at a members later that night and made S’mores, so good!!  Lately in the Immokalee house I have been scaring everyone, you know me being a joke-star!  It’s hilarious!  Wednesday we had Zone Meeting in Ft. Myers and it was good to get with all the missionaries and talk about our areas. Then I got a new bike from a leaving missionary so that was good to have no more bike problems! Taught some Recent Converts and then our Branch President bought us some pizza, it’s funny because he is slower and doesn’t know anything. He tries his best though!  Thursday was hot humid and rained like crazy!  No one was home to teach, it was a bummer! Then we got some Horchata from a member and waited under this car wash while it poured rain! Taught this girl named Madina and the spirit was so strong, me and Elder Hogge got an impression to talk about trials and I flipped right open to Alma 36 and she said she felt the spirit and she knew the lesson was exactly what she needed to hear, we need her to come to church though!  All 4 missionaries met up after and rode home together because our lessons fell through, it was funny both McNeil and Evans crashed within 10 minutes of each other. So funny!  Friday was ok, we again ate Diri and Sospwa at a members house and it was good!  Finally taught our investigators Marie, Sabrina and Jenny to find out that they are so active in their own church, it was so disappointing, Elder Hogge was almost crying. And you know, Heavenly Father is disappointed and that is all that matters, we tried our very best and that is all He asks for.  I was so grateful for that knowledge that God loves us for our work and when people turn us down He is still so happy that we at least tried. Then we went to a members house and played a question-are game with them about our church and it was a blast! Then the Spanish Elders wouldn’t come get us in the rain so we had to ride home and we were soaked when we got home, not fun! But then we had to clean all Friday night because we had inspections Saturday morning.  Saturday was by far the best day ever!  It was so jammed packed with fun stuff! We had transfer calls and Elder McNeil is going to Naples and we are getting the coolest Spanish Elder in Immokalee, his name is Elder Avila! So excited. I am guaranteed in Immokalee until November now! I am so happy! That will make me be there for 6 months! Just a blessing I love it!  Then inspections were ok, Elder Hogge got in trouble for his Taylor Swift calender, so funny!! I told him to take it down!!  haha!!  Then we went to this awesome restaurant called Mr. Taco and then went to teach that little girl I baptized named Rachel, and some lady came walking up to us and started bashing with us, it was scary and I answered all her questions and bore my testimony. It was nerve-racking! But she proceeded to tell me Rachel is attending her church and it was way dumb, but we are going to start teaching this lady, she is interested about the Book of Mormon! Then we went to another members house and there was an alligator just walking around and all these little kids were bugging it, they called the cops and handed me the phone, I had to talk to this cop to come get this alligator. It was way cool how they caught it, it wasn’t huge but it wasn’t a baby, it was cool! Then we taught a bomb lesson to an investigator and our little member kid came with us and said the nicest prayer! So cute! Then we got ready for the party at our church, it was a culture night party! We represented USA!  It was so funny, we looked like goof-balls but it was a great party and everyone loved us. So I am the oldest Elder in Mokee!! So sick, except i still feel new! haha  Then there is Sunday, and it was beautiful! I translated from English to Creole for the first time and everyone said I did a good job, I was so nervous but it went well!  Then I taught the 16 and older class and they loved the lesson, they were all asking if I could teach again next week! Then Elder Hogge said, “Elder Thomas I love when you teach, you are the best teacher, I always feel the Spirit.” That is so nice!! I love that kid!! I taught Priesthood too, man tons of teaching every week on Sunday! Then the Spanish Elders had a baptism and I got to Witness, it was really cool! Then we ate at a members house, it was gross but they had the Hunger Games on, that movie is retarded! Why was everyone so excited for it? dumb show!!  Then I got a new best friend, his name is Ramon! He is a little 3 year old spanish kid and I love him! Cutest kid! Elder Hogge had to go pee so bad and we wouldn’t let him go it was hilarious! He couldn’t get away from us! haha The week was beautiful and I loved it. I am excited to start a new transfer and get a lot done, it is sad because this transfer we didn’t set 1 date for baptism. we better set some dates next transfer!! I hope you like the pictures! Miss you all so much and I am so thankful for your love and support! 


Elder Dallen


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