September 17, 2012


This week has been a little stressful but things worked out and the spirit was felt in abundance!  Last week, Elder Hogge bought me a Triple Haitian Creole scriptures! They are so nice, I love them! Wednesday was dumb, I was sick all day and I blew my nose like 100 times!!  And everyone at Activities commented on my hair, so dumb, everyone thinks I look ugly now 😦 But it is whatever!  Transfers this Saturday, we’ll see what happens! Thursday was ok, we biked and no one was home to teach so we played dominoes with some Haitian guys on the side of the road, it was fun! Taught are new investigator, Prema,  and she is so awesome! Biked home and my tire popped!  So lame!! Then had a bomb dinner over at my favorite members home! Taught this lady named Sister Charity and her husband was there and was just saying non-sense!  So we will go back over there when he isn’t there! Friday was my 6 month mark!! We went and got ice cream and it was so good!! Then one of the little boys I baptized, Kervens told me that he wants to go on a mission and he’s only 11!  Love that kid!  Had this nasty drink called, Spaghetti with Milk…. Blah!  It was horrible. Our way strong investigators told us that they are way active in another church and it crushed us.  So we went over on Saturday and basically just testified and had a bomb lesson, we hope they come to church next week!  Saturday, we fixed my bike and it was looking way sweet then we went to this bomb restaurant Mr. Taco. so good! Then Elder Evans popped my tire again!! Two popped tires in 2 days, so lame!!  I was having a really hard time on Saturday feeling depressed and feeling like “Why am I here?”, then we taught a really spiritual lesson and I realized I am not here on my mission to find success, as much as success feels good, my success isn’t half as important then others success.  I am not here for my success but for my investigators success in Heaven. This time here on Earth is short, and my success will go away over time, but the investigators success in Heaven will never fade. I understand my purpose and I will work hard to achieve that because I will find success one day when I hug those people I bring to the Gospel in Heaven. I love you family, don’t think I’m struggling because I’m not.  I am still having a blast and loving every minute.  I just need to re-evaluate some things that all.  Sunday was okay, we had Stake Conference and then ate at a members home. Sunday night’s in the Immokalee house are way chill, we just play games and talk!  So things are doing well.  I love to receive mail from you.  So thank you so much for your support! 1/4 done and I loved every minute, I will hit the ground running with these next 18 months!!

-Much Love from Elder Dallen Thomas 

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One thought on “September 17, 2012

  1. so some people don’t like your new hair? forgettaboudditt (new york accent) – you are still a heartbreaker
    6 months gone already??? please send me your mailing address and a list of wants and needs! i want to send you a package!!! i hope you see this – please send the info to

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