September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012


Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, we had a member of the Quorum of the 70 come speak to us so today is our p-day! This week as been bright and so awesome!! Last Monday we went to a stake party at this park and we played volleyball, it was a lot of fun. Tuesday Elder Hogge was sick again so I basically studied all day, it was good for me to study and to learn some more Creole!  I gave Elder Hogge a blessing and it went really way, way spiritual, he felt better that afternoon and we went and asked Johnathan to be baptized, he said no but that is ok, we will work with him still!  This little Haitian girl straight from Haiti gave me a kiss on my cheek, so cute! But Wednesday, I had an Exchange with Elder Waite from Lehigh, Florida. He is one of my best friends in the mission so it was good to serve with him for 2 days!  We had fun!  We play this game and it is hard to explain but it is so fun, of course i’m the champion! We continue to play Olympics and I have the most Gold Medals, well all of them!  Thursday was so sweet, we taught this man named Richard and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!  We need to set a date with him soon. Then we taught that little girl who kissed me, Her name is Sabrina and she is 9 and her twin sister named Jenny and their older sister Marie is 16.  We taught them and invited them all to baptism and they said yes too!!!   So exciting!  We are so happy, we will continue to work with them. Love them! Friday was Elder Hogge’s Year Mark and we went to breakfast, way good!  Then taught a Haitian family and ate more Haitian food, I need to send you a picture of it, it’s so good!!  Taught Sabrina, Jenny and Marie again and they taught us a new Haitian song, it is so awesome! Then we taught the First Lesson to a Haitian Lady named Sister Charity, she is so awesome!  It was way spiritual, we hope to get her to church soon! I have been frustrated with my Creole lately, I need to stay positive but I need to study more! Saturday was way spiritual.  A little girl in Ft. Myers got baptized and she wanted me to do a talk on the Holy Ghost, it went really well!  We had to get our car’s oil changed and it took 5 hours!!  We went to lunch and just hung out until it was finished.  Taught a Part-Member family and watched really good Mormon Messages on!  Sunday was awesome like always. The kids down here are so mean to each other and always talk bad about each other so I taught a bomb sunday-school lesson on judging and it owned all of them, they were all saying sorry and it was good!!  We did another mini mission with the youth and it went well!  I had only 3 people in my group but we got 4 referrals and did really well!  I bore my testimony on sister missionaries and how I wouldn’t be here today without sister missionaries teaching dad and his family.  Sunday night, I basically changed into a new man, I hope you like the pictures, I now don’t look like Justin Bieber!  Yesterday, was by far the best day ever. The whole way driving up to the meeting with Elder Cardin the 70, I had a strong impression he was going to call on me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, well sure enough he called on me and 3 other missionaries to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  After I gave it, I couldn’t remember what I even said, I was under the influence of the spirit and through the Holy Spirit I was guided.  People told me I did a really good job and I knew what I was talking about and that is was so spiritual. The other missionaries told me even Elder Cardin of the 70 loved it and turned to my Mission President and said something to him after I had finished. So thankful for that opportunity to speak when a general authority was present!  He was the best speaker, we listened to his counsel the whole day and he speaks just like President Eyring.  It was so spiritual, I loved it!!  We went to a members house last night for dinner and it was so good!! Hispanics make some bomb food!  But as for me everything is going really well, continue to pray for me and my companion and our investigators! I pray for you all, and you are protected! Love and miss all of you so much! If you can, give out my address I am not leaving Immokalee for a while it is..

1291 Adams Court

Immokalee, FL 34142

Thank you all so much for your support and love, it goes along way!!


Elder Dallen Thomas


One thought on “September 11, 2012

  1. oil change and lunch – $52.92.
    speaking by the spirit with a general authority present – priceless

    “so I taught a bomb sunday-school lesson on judging and it owned all of them” (i loved that)

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