September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012


Picture #1 Our Members are so cool down here!

Picture #2 The Poisonous snake!!

Picture #3  Me at the Haitian Bakery

Picture #4 Me and Crush on Thursday when we saved his life!

Picture #5 Rachel and the cutest Haitian baby in the world!

Picture #6 The Banana Spider!

Picture #7 Crush in his Hut that we made him!

Picture #8 My sweet Lego guys!! Haha




Things out here in Florida are bright and wonderful! This past week has been really good!  So, on Tuesday we start biking and there is this Hispanic man in the middle of the sidewalk and I am trying to decided which way he is going and we both went the same way and I ran right into him. I felt SO bad, he didn’t speak any english and he was already wearing a cast! So sad!  Then, we taught a really spiritual first lesson with this new investigator named Richard. The spirit was so strong, there is no way he didn’t feel it. We had dinner at a members house and we taught a good lesson on missionary work. Wednesday we had district meeting and ate lunch at this members house, came home and taught some lessons and found this poisonous snake!  I tried to kill it but it was way too fast!  During personal study this week I have been studying the book, Jesus the Christ and it is such a good book! I had no idea Mary and Joseph lost Jesus for 3 days!! But I am learning a lot and it is way awesome! We taught this lady named Alianna, and we are hoping to teach her family as well, they are super nice! Our really strong investigator named Johnathan has been really sketchy lately, I hope to see him soon and get him back on track! We taught this girl named Marie and her brother Alex. They are Haitians but really American-ized and they are the coolest kids! They are like my best friends now!  Friday, we used the car all day because we needed to waste some miles before the end of the month, it was good we got a lot done. On Thursday we about hit a Turtle on the road so we pulled over and put it off to the side of the road. On Friday, we almost hit the same turtle!! So we decided to take it home. Well, for about a day we had a pet turtle named Crush.  I loved the little guy, it was hard to let him go 😦 Helped a member play some basketball and then taught a lesson to a less-active family at the church. Saturday was a little tough for me, Elder Hogge was sick all day and slept, so I was cooped up all day in our house and couldn’t leave, I read a lot and ate so much food, so boring.  But I saw my first Banana Spider, it is legit! Scary though. And a member brought us tons of good food to eat! Sunday was my favorite day of the week. A little stressful at first but it was good to fast! I taught Sunday School like always and that went well and then I had to teach the Priests as well. It was on missionary work and I prayed so hard that I would find the right words to say to these young men that would encourage them to serve a mission. I am so thankful for the Lord, He answered my prayer and even now, I can vaguely remember what I said. All I know is that the spirit was so strong and not one of those boys’ eyes left mine, they all paid attention and listened with their heart. I was so thankful for the opportunity I had to share my feelings with them about missionary work. I can’t wait to hear where those young men serve their missions. Elder Hogge came up to me after and said that I did a really good job.  Heavenly Father was speaking to those boys through my mouth, I was and am just an instrument in the Lord’s hands. Through the Holy Ghost is how He guides and directs His work. I am blessed the Lord works through me to reach out to His other children. And I thank Him for that wonderful chance every night after a long days work. We had 2 good dinners last night at members houses and the company is always a blast!  Played a little glow in the dark dodgeball and chased Elder Hogge around the house with Sparklers….He hates them, so it was funny. I appreciate everyone’s support and love. I feel your love through the blessings I receive. You are all awesome examples to me! Thank you and I love you all so much!

-Elder Thomas

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One thought on “September 3, 2012

  1. cute turtle. i am sad you couldn’t keep it. =( the spider was disgusting, i would’ve smashed it immediately. i laughed at the poor guy in the cast whom you hit with your bike…like something out of a jim carey movie!

    “He answered my prayer and even now, I can vaguely remember what I said. All I know is that the spirit was so strong and not one of those boys’ eyes left mine, they all paid attention and listened with their heart.” AMAZING

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