August 8, 2012

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August 8, 2012

This week was a good week but… I was sick all week. It was a bummer. But I’ll start from Tuesday and work up again. Tuesday we had another specialized training thing, but just for the Haitian Missionaries.  It was good!  We helped a member with some basketball drills and then ate dinner at another members home. They made me eat this way hot pepper! My mouth was on fire for the rest of the night 😦 Wednesday we had District Meeting and then hung out at the Lehigh Elders apartment and Elder Waite taught me how to do a Rubix Cube!  And we learned how to do all these sweet magic tricks!  A little thing I am doing with the Investigators and Members down here is I am filling my planner with stickers from them.  It is a great way to remember them, plus, I love stickers!! Everyone thinks I’m a child!  that’s ok. 🙂  Thursday was a really good day, we saw tons of people and got a lot of work done and taught English Class, we met a new Haitian lady and we blessed her home, it was way spiritual.  Friday is when I got sick.  It rained like crazy but we didn’t ride in it. But my body had enough and gave out on me. We still went to a member’s house for dinner and had shrimp!  Dad’s is better though! Saturday we tried to rest and get better. Then we took out Wilson and Chris to do “Missionary”, they got all dressed up and brought their Books of Mormon!  It was the funnest thing!  They had a lot of fun and we met this new guy named Joseph.  He seems way positive!  This week I received both of my packages! That was way exciting! I loved them, so thank you! Sunday was great like always. I bore my Testimony in English because I was wanting to express all the things of my heart and I am un-capable of doing that in Creole right now! Taught Sunday School like always and it went well this week!  All the youth are asking when we can do the missionary thing again! So awesome!! Came home from church and crashed out for like 2 hours! I felt so much better after the nap!  We went to a Haitian Members house to eat some dinner, it was good and we were able to watch some Olympics.  It’s killing me that I am missing them!! USA is so sick!  Last night we even came up with our very own, mini-Olympics that we can compete inside our house!  It’ll be fun.  Me and Elder Evans are excited to be children today at Wal-Mart and get some toys.  This week me and Elder Stegall have been stressing out about transfers this next Saturday. We both want to stay and serve with each other, it makes the most since to keep us together, we are having a lot of success. And if he leaves, it means I become senior companion and take over Immokalee, it’s scaring me!! But I can do it!  Next week I’ll let you know what happens!  I have been reading the book ‘Our Heritage’ and have been studying our church’s history. I am so thankful for the path that has already been set for us today. We are so blessed because of the sacrifices of the early Latter-Day Saints. We are so blessed for Joseph Smith and the pioneers. Those who live in Utah are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. It really is Gods Kingdom on Mount Zion. If any of you have the chance to read the book ‘Our Heritage’, I highly recommend it! Great book that brings the spirit right in! I am so thankful to be serving at this time, we are all so blessed!  Have a wonderful week family and friends!

Elder Thomas


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