August 27, 2012

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August 27, 2012

Picture #1 Inside all day for the Hurricane!

Picture #2 That’s right. We have fun.

Picture #3 Tough Guys

Picture #4 Couch Jump!


I am alive and safe!  Hurricane Isaac barely hit us! But there are rumors of another one brewing.  Hurricane season is at its peak and so we will be expecting a lot of bad weather. But I will be ok, of course, we have the Lord on our side! We actually joke about a hurricane hitting and the only building standing after is our church! But this week has been really good! It has been really effective and uplifting. All Tuesday we had Zone Conference and it was so spiritual. It made you really think about who’s work you are doing and who you are really representing. After that I was changed! 🙂 And from that day on, we have seen the blessings pour out abundantly, because of our obedience. Wednesday, we knocked only three doors and this man didn’t say one word just let us right in. We were blown away and taught a way bomb lesson. We are praying that he will come to church and progress. We taught this Haitian lady named Klara and taught the first lesson, I did the first vision in Creole and it was so spiritual. We walked out of that house just beaming with love for this lady. We are excited for her progression! Me and Elder Hogge have been blessed with success. We received 10 new investigators this week. Everyone is blown away and we are so excited. The average in our whole mission is 3, and we got 10!! Thursday and Friday was just hard work and successful. Saturday we went to a neighboring town called Lehigh to get ready for the Hurricane, Wal Mart was crazy!! Everyone was freaking out. We ate some good food and then had to basically drop this one family because the girl’s try and seduce us….. bad situation…..never going back.  Sunday was crazy, we only had 1 hour of church and then a baptism for the Spanish Elders.  Haitians hate the rain and we had only 6 Haitians at church. We stayed inside all day and tried to make the best out of it. (We had to stay inside because of the Hurricane.) We played Legos and some Texas Hold’em and watched some church movies and ate soooo much food! It was boring but actually a lot of fun. We were glad to get out this morning and see that Immokalee was still standing.  And that we are able to email today! Glad to hear from all of you and see the pictures! I am reassured each time I pray that you all are protected and safe. I know with all my heart the Lord is blessing you.  I am so thankful for loving friends and family who pray and support me.  It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I have a lot of prayers coming my way.  Those prayers do not go unanswered. I can promise your prayers are being answered and they lift me up each day.  It is kind of like a force field I carry.  A force field of love and protection. I know that I do my best each day with all of your help.  But at the end of the day I am supported again and again by my Heavenly Father.  His missionaries will never fail, they bring the world His truth.  With His help, I am able to accomplish wondrous things. I can not do this by myself, so thank you so much for your support. You are a huge help in this work. I appreciate it and love you all so much. Continue to pray! Have a great week!!

-Much Love from Elder Dallen Troy Thomas


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