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Picture #1 Me wearing Elder Evans Batman Hat. so sick!

Picture #2 Last day with Elder Stegall

Picture #3 Florida’s beautiful sunsets!

Picture #4 My new companion Elder Hogge!

Picture #5 Baby Gators!

Picture #6 Sick Air Boat

Hello Family!

Crazy week! Monday we played sand volleyball for P-day and I got sunburned on my feet! We ate at a members house and they had baby pigs, Elder Stegall picked one up and it was hilarious! Tuesday was sad, Elder Stegall got transferred to Ft. Myers and I got my new companion Elder Hogge. So I am still in Immoaklee, I love it!  Me and Elder Hogge get along, he is a great Elder who is open to the spirit and loves the Haitian people. We will have a lot of fun! It is awesome that I took over the area and have been here the longest! Elder Hogge has been on his mission 11 months and speaks really good Creole, he helps me out a ton! Wednesday we weekly planned and basically started over, I told him about all our investigators and members. Then we went to activities and had a BBQ!  Thursday we biked all day and I showed him around Immokalee. We had English class but no one came. 😦  Friday we had an off day, after district meeting we didn’t see as many people as we wanted to. Then we helped a member move. It was sad, they had nothing and would have never left unless we helped them. It was good to help them, I got a bike out of it and 6 mosquito bites on my fingers. They itch like crazy!! Saturday was really productive, we saw a lot of people and taught a lot. This whole week me and Elder Hogge talked to every person we saw on the street, we have at least 15 follow-ups next week. I am so excited, they seem so positive. I can’t explain to you how much this stuff excites me. It is so exciting to see people progress and realize the truth. There are people who are stubborn and won’t accept our message, but at least we are trying. That is all we can do, is invite them to follow Jesus Christ the right way, and if they don’t accept, sooner or later they will. I love my Heavenly Father and am glad to work on His team. I am glad to have the knowledge of life after this.  His plan is so simple and everlasting, I am happy to spread that knowledge here in Florida.  I have been reading the book by M. Russell Ballard “Our Search For Happiness”, and his explanation on Heavenly Fathers plan is awesome. He, and now myself are grateful for the diversion of churches. If there weren’t hundreds of different churches, then Joseph Smith would not have had confusion on which to join and would have never have prayed to find the truth. His story is now taught in strangers homes throughout the world. How lucky we are to share it! Sunday’s are stressful, it stinks way bad! But we had a lot of investigators at church and some random guy came, it was awesome. He stayed all 3 hours and loved it! We will teach him next week!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I will send some in the mail home! This week was way bomb!  I am excited for tomorrow. Miss you all so much and love you. You are watched and protected each and every day. Never forget to find strength as you kneel and pray to Heavenly Father.! Love you!

-Much Love from Elder Dallen Troy ThomasImage


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