July 23, 2012


Things on this end are fantastic and this past week has been jammed packed and exciting!  I had my first Presidents interview and it went way well. I am grateful to have such a great mission president. We finished our Disney Character Bracket and Woody beat Aladdin in the finals, which I think is complete bogus!!  Timon and Pumba should have won the whole thing!  We also did a Cereal Bracket today and my favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch won!! That’s what’s up!  This week has been really good for me and my companion, our unity is growing and our teaching is awesome!  It has been so hot this week, only about 93-94 degrees but with the humidity it is compared to 98-99 degrees. We biked alllll day Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but the Lord wants to bless us when we work hard and he did.  We were able to set 4 baptismal dates!!  One for July 29th with a Haitian girl named Rachel, and three Haitian brothers named  Jean, Jean and Neverson. Yes, Jean & Jean are twins and their mom named them both Jean….. Haitian Culture for ya.. haha. But if they get baptized we have 8 young boys that will grow up together in the church and will all serve missions!!  I bought some really good Haitian bread for way cheap called Pen Cho,  which translates to Hot Bread.  Soooo good!!  Church is always the most frustrating day of the week, us 4 missionaries do everything!!  The branch relies on us so much it’s crazy. I have to teach the 14-16 year old class each Sunday, it is soooo frustrating!!  So Brynn and Ashton, pay attention in your Sunday School class!  We were on our way to a dinner appointment Sunday Night and a Haitian Member named Ulna, she is 14, called me and asked me to give her a blessing. I was so nervous but it was so spiritual, I loved it so much.  It just reminds me of my Patriarchal Blessing and how great it is to hold the Priesthood.  The Lord is so mindful of our work and wants us to succeed, so we, as missionaries need to be obedient enough to receive the Lords help.  Tonight I am having an Exchange with Elder Wilson, another Creole Elder, it should be really fun, I’m excited!  Prayers are constantly sent your way and I appreciate all the prayers I receive. Never forget to acknowledge the Lords hand in your life, always be thankful.  You are all so wonderful, thank you for your support!  Miss you all! 

-Much Love From Elder Dallen Troy Thomas  


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