I’ll start at the beginning of the week and work up. Tuesday we were in a specialized training all day with our mission president in Port Charlotte. We learned about a new way to contact at a door. We are going to ask people if we can leave Jesus Christ’s peace and blessing in their home.  It should be a really great way to contact new people. On Wednesday we had a Boy Scout reward night and it was really fun. The kids are 8-12 years old. Thursday we tried to do an English class for Haitians and no one showed up, bummer. Friday was a good day, we found out that Rachel was going to be Baptized on Sunday. We planned it, but we were waiting for her grandpa to say yes, so he said yes on Friday!! Then we went to a members house to help him with a talk and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics were on and it was so sweet! Don’t know if you watched it or not but it was so cool! Saturday we set up the party at the church and then got caught in the rain on our bikes. We rode for 2 miles in the pouring rain. It rained for an hour and a half straight and the rain drops are huge! Bummer, and some of my stuff got ruined but myself and Elder Stegall had fun!  We went to a members house to dry off and they fed us. We went home and I was soaking, so cold!! Hopefully I don’t get sick. But then we went to the party and it was a blast! The party was for a 4 year old little boy named Milky.  We played musical chairs and you can bet your bottom dollar I won!!  It was really fun! Yesterday was the best day of the week by far though!  At church, our speakers didn’t show up so I had to speak in Creole, on the spot!  But it went really well, I spoke on the Restoration of our Church. Easy:) Then we had our Baptism and I was again so lucky to have the opportunity to baptize her! She is the cutest little girl.  Her name is Rachel and she is 11! She is so shy and was so nervous!  She doesn’t speak a lick of English so I had to do the Baptismal Prayer in Creole! It was really awesome! So spiritual and she was so happy after. She wasn’t shy and just lit up. Made my day! Then we ate some left-overs from the party and did a mini-mission with our youth. We split up into 4 groups and my group had 3 boys and 2 girls. Andy, Steve, Sergio, Christine and Yahira. By far I had the worst group, none of them even wanted to do it. We had to knock on doors over by the High School and Andy and Christine were like swearing and just taking the Spirit completely away.  I was frustrated but we all said a prayer together and things went well. We got 3 referrals for the Spanish side and 1 for me and Elder Stegall!  We only knocked 11 doors!  Great success. Then the kids at the end bore their testimonies and a girl in our branch almost made me cry, she talked about serving a mission and eternal families.  Way spiritual! Such a good Sunday!  At our house we play glow in the dark dodge ball with all the lights off almost every night. It’s kinda scary but so fun! Me and Elder Stegall dominate the Spanish Elders! It is so fun!  So excited for a little break today but ready to get back to work. Things are great!  I am loving my time here and I pray for you all every day. We are all missionaries in this gospel. We chose to come here and take on this task. Our Heavenly Father trusts us with this work. We need to shine forth our light on those who are in darkness.  Keep up the good work, I am so thankful for your support! -Much Love from Elder Dallen Troy Thomas


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