July 9 – July 16, 2012

Written by Dallen on July 9, 2012 

I had my baptism yesterday and it was beautiful! The little boy I baptized is 8 and his name is Chris.   4th of July was so sweet here! We sat on our roof and watched Immokalee blow up with fireworks! Things are awesome here, loving the work! 



Weekly letter home – 7/16/2012

 This week was really great, lots of success and lots of fun! We have some investigators who are close to being baptized but need to quit doing some things and follow the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity.  On Thursday night we went around with a Haitian member named Brother Pierre, but we call him Prophet. I had never heard so much Creole in all my life!  My head was about to explode!  But things are going really well out in Immokalee.  In the Immokalee house we have 4 Elders;   me and Elder Stegall (Haitian-aries) and Elder McNeil and Elder Evans (Spanish), we all get along great and play in-door basketball on this little hoop, and of course me and Stegall dominate! I bet them all in Risk the other night!  We also make brackets of people and see who the winner is. It’s so fun.  We had an actress bracket and Carrie Underwood beat Rachel McAdams in the finals and then we had an action hero bracket and Optimus Prime from Transformers beat Iron Man in the finals,  but I was soooo upset. Harry Potter should have won the whole thing!!  He took third! But don’t think we don’t work. We only do these brackets on days where it rains like crazy and we can’t go out. but We are making a Disney character bracket of 64 names!! So, who is your favorite Disney Character?? Have a wonderful week, I’m doing awesome out here!!

-Much Love from Elder Thomas


2 thoughts on “July 9 – July 16, 2012

  1. Hey Dallen i’m not sure if u get to read this or not !! But i just wanted to tell you that we are so proud of you and pray for you every night !! i’m so thankful to be a part of your family and happy to see grow into an amazing man Chris and i love reading your letters i will write you a letter soon and send pictures of the girls keep up the good work and please dont stop praying for our family love u Dallen … from your crazy lil family over here in vernal hahahah stay safe ..

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