A few words from Dallen

Here are a few sentences taken from some letters that Dallen has written.


 Well,  I’m here in Florida and it’s been a week now and I love it so much I can’t even express how awesome it is!!  

First week in and I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize a little 11 year old Haitian boy named Kervens.  It was the best feeling in the world and i was so happy he asked me to baptize him, i love the Haitian people already!! I’ve had some good food and have talked to so many people. I live in a little town south-east of Ft. Myers called Immokalee, it is so awesome, i love it!! We are like the only white people in the whole town! It is filled with Haitians and Hispanics! It is so crazy!! My trainer is Elder S. and he is from Arizona, he is an amazing kid. Only LDS member in his family, he was baptized only two years ago. He is the other missionary in the picture, he baptized the other little boy named Wilkerson. They both are great kids, I love them! It’s hot here, and tons of bugs, I stink and sweat all the time and riding a bike isn’t really me at all. But there is no where else I’d rather be, I love missionary work so much and I am doing so good. I can’t express how awesome it is. Here is my address and it’ll stay the same for two years no matter where I live so give it to everyone. 



Elder Dallen Troy Thomas

Florida, Tampa Mission

13153 N Dale Mabry STE 109

Tampa, Fl 33618


My area is awesome. We ride our bikes everywhere and we have a little branch.  The Hispanic members meet in the Chapel and the Haitians meet in the Relief Society room for sacrament and other meetings.  The branch all together is maybe 90+ people.

I live in a house with just 4 Elders, 2 Creole and 2 Spanish! It is a blast, so much fun, I love the Elders!! 

I love the people,  they call me Justin Beiber!


Monday’s are my p-days.  I am able to use a computer at the stake center in Ft. Myers  I go there every Monday to email, play basketball and go shopping.


He is doing awesome and loves his mission!!  He would welcome and appreciate any emails or letters.  His email address is:



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